Monday, April 28, 2014

Life Wide Open

I must write a post...I must do something creative..
I haven't been able to pull any of life's wonderful moments together to form a fitting post. So with I did think I would share some of pictures of what's been happening around here.

I think the first thing that has really thrown me into
Blogging Never Never Land
would be a job change. 
I still work at the same place but had taken on a different job meaning a different schedule to train for the new position. Now that I've completed training it has also meant still more schedule changing. That alone is enough to throw me into a tailspin.

Along about the same time, my daughter began some fairly intense dental work. The word dental should be enough to freak anybody out. Things went well but everything didn't go completely as planned so more trips more visits. 

Now that I've segwayed(I'm positive that word isn't spelled correctly..I couldn't spell check it either..hmm..I think it's a real word)  into talking about my daughter. 
It has been prom season for the kids in Patrick County. 
Some people hate the prom some people love it but if you have a daughter and she's going you can be there will be some serious errands and running.

So here's some pictures we took before she took off for the big night...

Maybe not glass slippers 
Cinderella like just the same.

We also had a Wonderful Easter the week following the prom. I now there were missed recipe posts but many of the times I'm more consumed with living in the moment than capturing it all in a post.
I will assure your there was no shortage of food, family, egg hunting, and tree climbing.
Ugh..don't your climb trees on Easter??
and a lot of big conversation going on.

Oh my poor Mama's flowers didn't stand a chance.
Monkey see..Monkey do..

We're big on family around here..

May as well let the men
be men...

Now that the weather has surely broke I'm excited to get onto hikes, baseball, fresh blooms
and hopefully I muster up some creativity along the way.
I thank you if you've made your way over for a visit
I wish you Many Blessing.
As you can see my I've been drinking from my saucer.

Be Blessed!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Natural Spring Wreath

There's nothing like fresh blooms and warm sun to get me in a decorating mood.
My style is very un-fussy
 I like to have that just come along kind of style. 
Using what is in my natural surroundings makes me feel closer to nature.
It is also an inexpensive way to decorate.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Rag Wreath from Plastic Bags

Up-cycled Plastic Shopping Bags
Are you like me?
Ready to get Spring Started
Ready for a Welcoming Spring DIY!

This is a Spring Wreath made from plastic shopping bags.
 I started my cutting myself a small ring from a piece of cardboard.

Then I pulled out all those plastic bags from their hiding spot. I especially wanted the lighter colored bags to offer up a Spring feeling. 

Then I just cute the handles off and also cut the bags in strips. I didn't try to be very careful at this point because I decided it would be best to trim everything down after the bags were tied onto my cardboard form.

After all the tying and trimming is done take your hand and just sort of rub and ruffle the edges.

I hope you find something you can DIY today.
Thank you for stopping by for a visit.
Be Blessed!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

New Life for an Old Wreath

Welcome Spring!
I think this has been a long Winter for many folks and the first day of Spring, March Wind, and the bright sunshine makes us all feel renewed and looking for new life. 
It has initiated some Spring cleaning in myself and a want to breath some new life in some of the decor in my house.

I'm on an understated mission to redo our front room; I also have hopes of revealing the over all changes I want to accomplish but I guess I'm sharing these in little bits and pieces since that's how the transformation will take place.

This wreath has hung on the wall in our living room for quite a long time. It has become dried, cracked and well on it's way to falling apart. I have had it on my mind to just toss it out but you all know how that disturbs be so. 
You know the whole toss it out just goes against my grain. 
I don't think I've fell into the hoarder bracket but it is possibly a slippery slope.

With this almost forgot can of 
Rust-oleum Lacquer 
from out of the basement 
I'm going to clean the wreath off,
Give it a good solid coat,
find it a new home.

The spray version is such a good choice since the wreath is so dry and brittle that it might not hold 
up to a paint brush.

This area in the front room is odd. I can't honestly tell you why it was put here. It is a pain to clean and sound travel right into the room on the other side.
I had ideas putting  cork board over it to create message center and I also thought of putting picture over it. With old homes you either undo or cover up the things that you don't like or you except the quirks, embrace them and love them for being yours.

I suppose I'm embracing this quirk.
Placing a revamped wreath hung by a piece of brown ribbon and sort of dressing it up.

I hope you've found something to renew today;
if it is only renewing your spirit by soaking in the sun.

Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit
most of all..

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Rag Wreath from Old Blue Jeans-DIY

Up-cycled Blue Jeans

I am ready to roll into lighter decorations and a little whimsy as well. 
This Rag Wreath from a pair of old pair of blue jeans was just the DIY project I was looking for.
This is one of those no brainer kind of projects. There's really no skill required and is super simple.

You could purchase a wreath form of some kind but I hate to buy things I can just reuse. Reusing something that otherwise would be tossed out is the name of my game.
"Making Something outta of Nothing"
This wreath is very tight and dry; I'm just going to remove any dangling pieces and anything that's sticking out.

I used the legs of these jean. I simply cut the thick edge off and the cut narrow strips out of both legs
and started tying them onto the wreath. I wanted another fabric just to break up all the blue and this scrap piece of pink gingham did the trip for me.
Just keep tying and turning your knots to suit the look you want.

Thanks so much for popping over for a visit. 
Be Blessed!