Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Makin'It Pancakes with Orange Syrup and Cranberries

Good mornin!
School has been called off here due to inclement weather. LOL. .snow that we haven't seen yet. My kid thinks that means eat pancakes and watch cartoons.
I guess I do too!
He wants good ole maple syrup but I'm hooked on something else. I've come to love my pancakes with some Simple Orange Syrup and Dried Cranberries.
How do you like your pancakes lately?
I think I'm on to my new favorite cartoon quote. 
"Grits ain't groceries"
Well I don't know if that's a good quote around here because around here "Grits is groceries"

Whatever your day holds today, I wish you a well. Thanks for stopping by for some pancakes and useless rambling.
Be Blessed!