Friday, January 31, 2014

Last Day of the Month and the Long Range Forecast

Wow! What a roller-coaster of a month!

The month of January has offered up some extremely low temperature and a bit of winter weather in the way of snow or ice 
but maybe not as often as here in Stuart, Virginia.
What stands out for me is that when precipitation fell it also hung around.

The past week has offered up extremely low's in the mornings. On more than a couple of mornings(7 am) in the morning, the temperature would be hovering around 0 degree's; every morning seemed to be single digits and even one reading of -3 degrees as I would be coming out of the plant.

Baby...that's the kind of cold that can chill you to the bone and stay there.

A couple of teaspoons of "Jack" in a stout cup 'o coffee has offered some gentle relief.

For the folks that have been keeping up with the Long Range Forecast,  I'm ready to share my info:

  • January 1--Sunny skies the temperature on Rorrer Lane reached 48 degrees
  • Precipitation for the month of January--22 days of clear skies, 8 days of precipitation(rain, snow, and sleet)
  • Average High Temperature on Rorrer Lane--42 degrees
  • Lowest Temperature here at our house--5 degrees. Lowest record in the Southwest Virginia area was -24 degrees.
It seems to me, the Long Range Forecast was relatively accurate for January.

Did anyone else keep up with the forecast?
If so give a shout out!
If not..
Well...just give a shout anyway!

Thanks for stopping by for a visit.
I hope you are filled with warmth and blessings.
Be Blessed! 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Day in the South~Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, January 26, 2014

New Fabric on the Piano Bench

Finally, finally attacking what had become
 a catch-all. To recover our piano bench 
had been on my to-do list for quite some time.

Our little Currier Piano is not an expensive or high end instrument but the joys this little piano has brought to me have been unmeasurable. It was really shameful that I'd let myself neglect it so.

I am not a pianist but like so many, I had taken lessons as a child. My three older children had taken lessons and there has been many little fingers touch these keys. My daughter, Hannah had become quite good at playing even though she'd look over her shoulder and roll her eyes when I would rave over a piece she had decided to practice on. My son, Louis desired to play the drums; our deal was a year on the piano and we would consider did end up winning that battle. He played the piano a year and then wanted to tackle the guitar instead. Alisha was small but she took just a few lessons before some of the logistics changed and we fell off from taken the lessons but she, so typical to younger children picked up a lot from just being around the older two and using their books.

I'm doubtful playing the piano crosses Hannah and Louis' mind these days unless they are in for a visit then they will all seem to find their way gathered up plunking, playing and giggling a bit.

As for myself, I have gone as much as a year and not have even touched the keys but I have found myself using it many time as a stress relief.
It's funny how the pages of the old Broadman Hymnal will fall right open to those pages that are most dearly loved.
There's been many times when the worries of the day could be washed away with a sit at the piano, a sweet hymn, a tear and a prayer.
I'll promise you it works much better than most peoples pills.

With all that being said, there our piano sat a catch-all, keys stuck and out of tune.
Bench shredded.

It's high time to gather some supplies.
This shouldn't be so bad.
Oh my...that's alot of staples..
Don't forget to tighten the legs up while you've got a wrench in hand.
Yes, I used just as many staples as was there before & some glue.
Alisha and I decided we wanted it padded well, so it seemed a little lumpier and I really, really had to pull on that fabric. The fabric didn't seem to have any stretch in it until I went to working with it.
I mean you better give it a real good pull and tighten it up.
It was a good idea to tape up the hymnal. It was loosing it's precious pages.
When all was done I was satisfied and feeling blessed.
I hope you'll tackle your projects with vigor as well

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Our Little Home Story~What's Next?

My prior husband and I bought our home in 1999; it was a bit of a fixer-upper but we saw all grades of potential. He worked in construction; I was capable and willing. We saw this as a place that could look a lot like home for a cat, two dogs, three children, and the two of us. In March of 2000, hung up my plaque and we made our move to our little Virginia home.
Bless This House
Within these bright & solid walls,
God holds a golden key;
to rooms of safety, warmth & pride,
a place called "family."

May all our days be filled with trust,
nights blessed from up above,
and as the years pass tenderly,
May this roof shelter Love.

From month to year...from friend to kin,
God Bless
the hearts that dwell within!

With all truth and a prayer, I hung my plague and sent my prayer and I am assured that my prayer has been honored. 
This three bedroom, one bath home wasn't fancy but it has been secure, warm and safe for
 all who has dwelt between these walls.

Just a few years later, my marriage ended. He left; I stayed. 
Whatever had been accomplished in our transformation of our little house was greatly halted.

I look at my house sometimes with a shake of the head 
for the things that may never be accomplished and the dreams and desires
that may never transpire...
Oh my word....
 The little house has managed to endure a lot of changes. 

2006 brought the Ole Man, his son, and me with a new baby boy. 
Not to bad...
Girls in one room.
Boys in another.
One bathroom means learning patients and true consideration.
For a time we also included the Ole Man's other daughter in the mix.
When you have five teenage kids and a baby, to boot, you've got a house full.
They've came, they've went, they've sometimes came back again...tantrums, fits, fighting, and just plain ignorance had left the poor house worn.
I don't say those things because I consider our children bad. I just know they are what they are.

Our three oldest have all grown their wings and moved into adulthood leaving just one son, one daughter, me and the Ole Man.

Should I dare think?
Should I dare think of all the forgotten things?
I thought...and..there's a lot of forgotten things.

I'm putting consideration to projects around here that need attention. You know the kind of things you know need to be done but instead there's something more important or more pressing that needs the attention. I would have a hard time remembering how many times I have repainted the kitchen, bathroom, and the kids rooms. My bedroom has not been repainted since I moved..eek..The front room & living room have wallpaper so I have managed to paint the ceiling and baseboards a few times.

I'm looking forward to tackling some home projects. 
I can't wait to see what can be accomplished.

Budget: Shoestring
Training: None
Ideas: A plenty

Thanks for stopping by for some of my rambling.
I'm feeling blessed and I hope you are too!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy Face

Country kids loving Country Cookin'!
Turkey Dumplin' Casserole

Oh yes...enjoying the day with the kids and just kickin' back!
The weather channel is predicting cold and snowy days as the week rolls on.
The kids haven't truly been on regular schedule, yet!
We're making the best of our time.
How 'bout you?


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Full Moon On The Rise

There's no doubt the full moon is on the rise!!
The dog has gone crazy; the computer seems to be going crazy,
apparently our school system is going crazy!

I haven't been reporting my weather since the 12th of the month but today by the gauge at my house we are basking in fairly warm sun and 63 degree temperatures. Now, mind you they are calling for a 30 percent chance of snow tonight but the only thing in my sites are blue skies and feathery clouds. makes sense that the schools closing at 2...

So what's new with you?

In my original post I was going to tell you how the kids and I have been enjoying yogurt & granola and how I was attempting to get back to health and vigor 
 it's all been a bust to day.

I haven't made a weight lose goal but I'm quite aware I've been setting on my backside more than I've been staying busy and  eating like a crazy person. The first of the year, I joined a 30 day challenge and sadly I only managed to even care until day 2.  Honestly, I know me and should have known myself better than to join such a thing. 

I'm sure by now folks know, I'm not one to jumping on anybodies bandwagon I quickly get annoyed with what I call bullcrap. 
At least the first 4 days of the challenge was to right your goals & priorities over and over in different arrangements.
I don't know what's wrong with me and why such stuff annoys me but it does.

Does that mean I'm a quitter?
Well..yes if it just a stupid challenge
that doesn't mean I'm giving up on what I want.
It just means I'm giving up on what doesn't work for me.
If a challenge will work for you, by all means I think you should do it.
It's just not my style.

What I'm going to try to do is get back to the things that I use to do and try to find valid advice
 along the way. 
I am also going to remind myself of the things that work for me.
Many times the guru advice out there is completely opposite from what works for me. I'm not quite sure why and judging from so many of my friends that go on so many different health crazes, they really don't work for them, either.

What inspired me to quit the 30 day challenge?
I was getting ready to read my Email for my assignment of the day when those little ads and videos that run along caught my attention, The first clip was an interview with a guy I had never heard of before but the result that where being boasted made me click. The trainers name was 
Michael Olajide Jr.; the workout secret and miracle producer was jumping rope. I thought to myself  I'd rather jump a rope anyday than set here writing and rewriting these goals everyday. I even like to jump rope. I don't think I have jumped rope since the girls were small but I'm confident I can. It also reminded me to just cut the crap and get back to basics.

As soon as the very short video clip played it was followed up by another clip that was already playing. The guest speaker was nutritionist Elisa Zied. I'd never heard of her and I was going to click the little X until she stated her age. She is 84 years old and she looks better than many 20 year olds. 

I couldn't help but listen then. I was in amazement! 
I was then amazed at her common sense and was so glad to hear it was basically a discussion of good nutrition and truth verses fiction along with facts about nutrition being taken out of context.

More common sense!

Here is Elisa Zied's 5 item mini list of foods all women
(provided their physician has advised against) should eat:
1. Popcorn
2. Potatoes
3. Whole grain cereals
4. Nuts (1 ounce)
5. Eggs (approximately 7 a week)

These are some of my favorite things to eat but along the way I haven't been lately..hmm...

I have never put a lot of extreme thought into weight. I am a short woman and even when I know I was at my physical peak I have always been heavier by the "standard." but I did weigh myself and look up my BMI according to National Institutes of Health. I also took a few measurements.
  • I usually won't discuss such things but for accountability sake I'm going to share my present stats and what I feel will be a healthy satisfactory goal. I my share the changes I'm implementing along the way to accomplish those goals. This week it's just been eating yogurt and whole grain cereal. 

I haven't developed a complete plan just yet.
My Stats:
Weight--132 lb.
Hips--38 1/2"

My Goal:
Weight--122 lb.
Are you on a health journey, too?
If so, Good Luck.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hey! Where's my fortune?

Here I am on the 12th day of the Long Range Forecast. 
Are you wondering how much truth will end up in this Folklore Forecast?, too.
I'm a little relieved that I'll only be held to the end of the month for making a post about the weather. It has been some extreme colds for the first of January and I was hoping for a little more weather action(snow). I thought it would make for a little more interest and at least some better pictures but I guess you could say we've been blessed in not receiving the harsh weather that so many folks have dredged through the past week.

In my mind, I thought I would have came up with some wonderful post to end this up with....
The Ole Man bought Chinese food for him and the kids last night since I had to work. There's almost always the leftover fortune cookies (they don't love 'em) so after walking around in the sun outside looking for anything picture worthy and not finding anything; everything is fairly brown. I thought to crack open one of the fortune cookies.
Maybe I would be inspired.
The first cookie stated,"Be yourself and you'll feel at home anywhere." 
It didn't inspire me.
I opened the second cookie and there was no fortune.
I guess I'll have to leave it at that and just give you my forecast.

If everything wasn't brown you'd think it was an early Spring Day! Temperature is reading at 61 and the sun and air has a very warm feel.
If you've been following the Long Range Forecast,
Thank you.


Saturday, January 11, 2014

January 7 and the Forecast

Just a quick post for today's forecast followers.
It is fairly warms temperature holding around 52 degrees
Lots a' Rain!
Along with the rain we've had the thunder and lightening. 
Folklore states: 
  • If you see lightening in the winter expect snow in 10 days. Also, if the first thunder comes from the east, winter is over.I think I have also heard snow in 13 days. 
Snow could make things fun!

Tomorrow will be the last day of the for cast on a daily basis. I' just be post the last of each month. 
That's when will compare and see if there has been any accuracy to this down home forecast.
Feel free to chime in.

Thanks so much for your visit!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Free Friday and the Long Range Forecast

The rain has moved in and the temperatures dropped in the morning hours, so that's given the kids one more day home from school. We are at the bottom of the mountain but our county strectches up atop the mountain and their conditions can be quite icy when our remains rain.
At 3pm the temperature is at 59 degrees and it's still raining.

What to do on a rainy day?..think...think..I thank it's a good day for stew.
We've all enjoyed us a bowl. 
We've also worked on refreshing Jack's math skills.
The winter break had give him a little lapse but he snapped back with a little help.

I hope where ever you are, you're warm and dry.
Thanks for stopping by and checking on the forecast.
Chime in with what's happening in your neck of the woods!


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sanity Is Now~Dishes~the Forecast

Oh yes, this is officially the first day of normality since the Christmas break 
the first day my house has remained straight and my dishes have remained done.
Yes, yes, everyone is in school or at work.

I have had an extremely satisfying morning. Today, was big band day on my AM radio station. Not to boot, if you didn't know any better you would think it Spring outside. The temperature is reading around 65 degree and the sun is mostly shining.
Will it last?
I doubt it
it beats the last couple of days.
Tonight they are calling for the temperatures to be a little cooler with a 50/50 chance of sleet and rain.

Did you stop by and wonder what that set of dishes is all about in the pic above?
Along with my gardening book the Ole Man also gave me a new set of dishes. When he's bad, he's bad but when he's good he's very good. I hadn't mentioned lusting after dishes lately so when he acts as if he reads my mind I think...maybe so.
The set of dishware is from Pfaltzgraff. 
They are the Napoli  design.
I love 'em!
We had been using a White Stoneware set from Mainstay(dinner plates 10 1/4") for several years, now. They have been good ones and I got them on an extremely good deal but through the years and many teenagers, much of the bowl were gone and I had been wanting some more.
 White is good and nice much of the time but I love the colors and 

the hand-painted design this set has and the yellows play off my yellow kitchen very nicely.
They are also very substantial.
So substantial that I almost had a big problem.
The dinner plate is 12 inches.
I made a special place in my cabinets for the new dishes only to find 
The cabinet door wouldn't shut! what?
Rearrange, rearrange..until they are now in the far corner of the cabinet. 
There will probably be more to the cabinet tale but right now they are in, doors shut.

In case you hadn't figure yet, sometimes I'm a little too save-y. We hadn't eaten on these dishes until last night. What good is it to save everything? we broke them out and had a really nice supper on them; roast turkey, dressing, macaroni.
I know you did not want that recipe
if you are a little on the frugal side you know that turkey is on sale at a lot of grocers right now 
we'll get more than one fine meal out of that bird.

It's not Tuesday but I have rambled on so I'm just ending it right now
wishing you 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

January 8, 2014~The Long Range Forecast

This morning we were registering 10 degrees.
This was so much warmer than yesterday.
At 3 pm, the temperature was 39 degrees,
a light breeze with clear and sunny skies.


Monday, January 6, 2014

BRrr..Baby It's Cold Outside~the Long Range Forecast

Just like an AM radio station here I am to give you my daily weather conditions.
Do you need me to tell you what it is right now?
Well, if you do it's cold and windy but not the coldest yet...
We started out this morning with a drizzle of rain and temperatures reading 43.3 degrees at 7am.
At 2:30pm, it is now 41 degrees clear skies and windy and windy
They are telling my the worst is yet to come and right now I feel fortunate when seeing the pictures of the folks west of us.

My Dad is a truckdriver by trade. For those who are not familiar with freezing conditions and diesel fuel, I want to give a quick word of warning.
Diesel fuel will gel, if the temperture is below freezing.
It will often do things to other mechanical things just because of the mere cold.
Take Caution.
Know your situation.

Stay warm 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

January 5th and the Long Range Forecast

This is the kind of day that's not good for much more than snuggling in,
hugging up to the fire, and eating something warm.
The temperature on the thermometer is reading 43.7 right now 
at 4 pm but it was quite icy this morning.
The Ole Man called from work to let me know there was some slick spots around. 

So now what?
A white chicken chili is great on a day like today.
I'm also a bread lover, so slice me off a hunk of  Mozzarella French Toast.
A cup of coffee and a movie and the day is pretty much set.

Thanks for dropping by for the forecast.
What your weather looking like?

Be Careful on your weekend travels
Be Blessed!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

January 4, 2014~Long Range Forecast

It's 2:25 pm and nothing but sunny skies!
Temperature is reading 42.4 degrees.

John called in to the radio with this little phrase to forecast the weather:

"If it's clouds upon a frosty morning bad weather is on the way."
 We definitely had that Yesterday... 

Come-on with your own weather folklore..

Be a Blessing!

Friday, January 3, 2014

January 3, 2014~Long Range Forecast

Oh my pick for today.
It was a whopping 10 degrees coming out of the plant this morning at 7am.
I've been hustling around putting away Christmas and take down decoration
I did take a look at the gauge at 3 pm; it was 35.9 and the sun was shining.
Sun shining with a fairly blustery wind.

Thanks for keeping up with the forecast!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

January 2, 2014~The Long Range Forecast

Wow..what a difference a day makes!
There's plenty of clouds and drizzling rain for today.
The temperature is reading 44.9 at 3:00.

It's a great day for sipping coffee and dipping fatback..

Be Blessed!

Good Luck, Prosperity, & Good Health

You're lookin' at my New Year Meal.

Here in my part of the south, this is the typical January 1 meal. I'm not a superstitious person so this meal is more out of tradition and remembrance of my Grandma Dorothy. She had very definite things she expected done. 
"Decent folk do certain things"
She would always be reminding us of what decent folk "do or "don't do." 
Grandma Dorothy's New Year's Meal always, always, consisted of black-eyed peas for luck, collard greens for the money, and hog jowl for health and it better be on the table at 12:00 pm.
"On the Dot!"

I always do a version of her meal. It will usually consist of the peas, a green, and some pork. I often will go with pork chop or even sometimes it's been thick cut bacon. I thought of which direction I was going to take with it, when discovering the hog jowl was either sold out or maybe they don't supply it anymore. Many food items that were so common can't even be found, lately. 
So I went with another old-time favorite...fatback!

I bet those health conscience folks out there are rolling eyes and thinking they are reading total insanity.

If you haven't had good ole salty fatback you probably don't know where it's at!!

I made no great preparation for this meal; my peas and collard greens came straight from the can. I did chunk a good bit of ham in the peas with some salt & pepper. My collard greens are
Margret Holmes brand. If you must buy greens in the can, they are the ones to want for.
Glory brand is good as well but you just about can't beat Margret Holmes for the seasoning. I drain just a bit of the juice off and cook them down in the iron skillet I had cooked the fatback(cook on medium heat unitl it's nice and golden) in.
Potato cakes made from some leftover mashed potatoes and a cornmeal muffin.
As Grandpa Jones would say,"Yum, yum!"

Are you asking yourself how this meal could be good for you at all?
I too questioned such a meal
I honestly have been nursing an extreme cough for about 3 weeks. I awoke to a full nights sleep and have had the slightest of coughs so far the morning....
I don't know....
Maybe the money's on the way too..LOL..


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January 1, 21014~Long Range Forecast

Nothing but clear skies here in Stuart,Virginia.
Maybe a fine feathered cloud.
The temperature is reading 48.9 at 2:27 pm.

As I snapping pictures around the yard, there is bit's of green 
that will poke through if you scrap the leaves back but plenty of brown 
to let you know what time of the year it is.

The Ole Man got me a nifty book for Christmas.

As I've been walking about been thinking on some of the chapters 
I've read through.
It's a blessed day here.
Hope your day is blessed as well.

Be a Blessing!