Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Always Remember

American Revolutionary War
Northwest Indian War
War of 1812
1st Seminole War
Black Hawk War
2nd Seminole War
Mexican-American War
3rd Seminole War
Civil War
Indian Wars
Great Sioux War
Spanish-America War
Philippine-American War
Boxer Rebellion
Mexican Revolution
Haiti Occupation
World War 1
North Russia Campaign
American Exped. Force Siberia
Nicaragua Occupation
World War 2
Korean War
Vietnam War
El Salvador Civil War
Persian Gulf War
Operation Provide Comfort
Somalia Intervention
NATO Air Campaign Yugoslavia
Afghanistan (ongoing)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Rural Route Road

You know you've reached the real country when you pass a string of whopped up mailboxes 
at the end of a dirt road.
Waiting for the mailman to bring that special something gives you that kind of 
giddy high that a child gets the closer Christmas gets.
Well, that's been me the last two weeks.
I have very much become the on-line shopper.
 Mostly I'm a window shopper; I laugh and tell husband "oh...I'm just being a looky-loo 
and most of the time that is the case. Don't get me wrong there's times when
a girl must purchase. 
Strike while the iron's hot!
My time was when Zulily.com teamed up with the Justin Boot Company.
I have been jonesing for a pair of western boots for some time now.
 I hadn't had western boots since I  was a girl. 

I am so pleased with this purchase. The boots where even better than described. 
Best of all, Justin Boots are made in the USA.
How wonderful they also attached a guitar pick!
How did they know that one of my goals for the year was to get my old guitar out
and  really learn to play something?!
Maybe I'll sit on the porch in my boots and do some picking.
Why don't we listen to a little George Strait to get us in the mood.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.
I wishing everyone a nice sit down on the porch.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Morning Glory Wreath and a Walk About

Morning Glory Wreath

This morning is a bit grey outside, looking like it could rain but offer a glimpses of sunshine in a very selfish kind of way. After getting the kids on the bus this morning I noticed how I my yard had been neglected after being out of town the weekend. Lots of warm rainy days has made everything grow wild.

On of those things is the morning glory vines that try so hard to take over every planting and bush I have. Morning glories offer a beautiful flower but always beware of their nature to climb everything until all you have is a mangled mess of morning glory vines. You can see how they have taken over my hydrangea and rose of sharon.
I started cutting and unwrapping them when I noticed how the vines  fell on the ground looking much like a wreath. So you know me...why not make this mess into a wreath. 
So I tried to cut them in much bigger lengths to give me more to wrap.
Next, the only thing to decide was how big I wanted my circle and start wrapping.
I made mine sort of small. I'm not quite sure how good it will look as it dries but if it doesn't look appealing it didn't cost me anything but a few moments of my time.
I managed to get two wreaths made out of the vines I cut away today and I really wanted a third one but not to worry by tomorrow or the next day I'm sure to have enough to make another.
Thank you for visiting my wild and hap-hazard decorating.

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Monday, May 20, 2013


That's Charlottesville talk for yahoo, Go Caviliers, UVA Rocks, etc.
and best of all
Four Years Completed.

By the way, Charlottesville, Virginia is truly spectacular.
It is home of the University of Virginia; founded by Thomas Jefferson.
My daughter intent on getting pictured with the Rotunda. 
Here's one of many pictures taken. 
Trying to get a decent picture with obstacles like rain, construction,
 and over 3,ooo graduates and their family also wanting for that perfect picture;
not to mention that I desperately needed her to slow down so I could at least get focused.

The campus is a beauty; full of architecture, botanicals, and hidden gardens. 
 But that's not all there is to offer.
How about the Pedestrian Mall.
There's the country side. Where there is literally vineyard upon vineyard.
Let's face it a rainy day at the vineyard isn't too bad of a day.
Blenheim Vineyard

Of course a great weekend for me.
I can't wait to get back up there.
Thanks for stopping by for a visit.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

UM,um,um,um...What a week?

Happy belated Mother's Day
What a week this is?!
As for me, the week has been full of the wonderful high that Mother's Day bring
also full of those little let downs and screw-ups that help remind me 
that I am but an earthly creature.

Sunday was spent traveling to see my husbands Mama. I am blessed to have my Mama living about 10 minutes away from our home. His on the other hand is a bit further, so we usually visit her on
 Mother's Day. He likes to take her out to a local oriental restaurant that we all enjoy down there. 
We had quite a nice time. 
Monday, I was invited with all the other mothers to come to Jack's school for a
 Mother's Day Breakfast. This was Stuart Elementary second time at hosting this very sweet gesture. 
We were asked to respond to the invitation and also make a $3 donation. 
Besides the joy of spending time with your child the cost provided a breakfast of 
sausage, biscuits and gravy, fried apples and coffee or juice
plus we also got our pictures taken with our child.
If fill sure I received my money's worth. 
Jack also came home on Friday with gifts the class had made.
(these are the things that make a mother's heart leap)

Now on to the rest of the week.
My oldest daughter graduates from the University of Virginia on Saturday!!
Whoop! Whoop!!

I had first thought I really needed to go shopping. I haven't really "dressed" in a while.
Then I ran across some adorable fabric and I thought I'd make a couple of dress.
I already had a pattern in mind; it was one I had made many times. 
I couldn't imagine a problem with that. 
~note to self~
When the old man(husband) takes a long draw off his cigarette and says,
"You're crazy as hell."
you are.
I cut my dresses out, started sewing. The first dress was almost complete. I thought I would try it on to make sure all was good. I thought the most that would be required would be to let out the darts for a little more room in the waist since  I actually wear a smaller size pant than I did a few years ago I was horrified at what happened next.
I got the dress on. It fit in the top just fine and the waist wasn't the problem
 but oh man, 
the seams at the hips were completely pulled. It was awful! 
What now? With a week still full of work an obligation I was not seeing how 
I was getting to town to shop.
The week before my sister had  cleaned out her closet and sent some stuff my way.
(My sister and I never just through things away or even take them off)
The bag was in the corner because I hadn't taken the time to go through it yet. So yesterday in my need to clean up I see the bag that must be gone through. Inside the bag was some really nice slacks and a cute jacket or two but the best item of all was the cutest lavender, floral print dress.
Thanks, Ann..
Just goes to show, 
you should never underestimate hand-me-down(now a days "vintage")
Always know...
Ya' sisters got ya' back!

Oh, I'd better get back to my laundry and such  crank up the beach music..

Monday, May 13, 2013

Windy and Warm/Monday Music Moves Me

Well here we are looking on another Monday.
You know what that means..It's Monday Music Moves Me....
Today is a freebie! 
Play what you will and what you want.
I'm going to start my little list with a song written by John D. Loudermilk, Windy and Warm.
This version by Doc Watson. 

Well we surely have the wind today but not to much on the warm, unless you're standing in the sun. If so well it's still quite cool. Last nights temperatures  dipped on down in the 30's. Nights like that'll make you pull that quilt on up to your nose.

For my next song I had to pick something to warm things up a little. I've become a listener to 
Live at Daryl's House.  I really love the way Daryl Hall is bringing all these artist together. 
So here we go with Joe Walsh and Daryl Hall, Rocky Mountain Way.

Kiss on My List, by Daryl Hall and Rob Thomas is next on my list.

And one more from Daryl's House
Yeah, I'm loving some Daryl Hall and  I hope you have too.

Be Blessed!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

One More Rainy Day Raggedy Bag

I hope I have soothed this obsession for at least a day or too.
My mind has thought of so many other possibilities.
Sewing projects made from old fabric is such a simple way to restore memories.
When making my first of these raggedy bags I compared it to making 
a quilt-in-a-day and I think that's what I'm loving about this project.
It is also so simple...
I scaled the size down and it made for a much quicker endeavor.
A couple of hours and I was done; from the picking  out of my fabric to the cutting and sewing.
Be blessed today..
get crafty!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Raggedy Bag/Rainy Day Project

Not to come across as a complainer but after three or four days of serious rain I start to get crazy. 
I also must find something to do with all the pinned up nervous energy that's been building up.
This has finally led me to get out of my craft blahs and do something.
After spending too much time on Pinterest 
 the Rag Bag Tutorial from My Desert Cottage
has been pinned to my brain. 
So here goes..here's my version of her wonderful bag.

This will not be a tutorial. I commend the organized folks that are able to preform crafts and recipes 
in such orderly fashion but that's not me. 

The night before I was overwhelmed to pull out that big bag of scrap material and start digging.
When I had found material that suited me,
I referred back to My Desert Cottage and started taking a few notes for myself.

I could not have been more pleased than everyone to get to work and school so I could get started.
I was just about to get this project started. 
Everyone must get cleared out since my work area is the kitchen table.

I cut my pieces and laid it all out just as in the tutorial.

This project had the feel of a quilt-in-a-day.
Yes, those are my pockets from an old pair of pants. 
I'm a keeper . I can not just through away, so this is truly raggedy and up cycled bag.
I thought I would have this whipped right out by lunch.
 With a couple of phone calls, a few loads of laundry, the morning pot of coffee all behind me 
I was finished by the time the bus ran.
I did celebrate by cleaning out that smidge of wine hiding in the back of the fridge.
This bag is going to be great the longer it ages and frays. 

I'm so glad you stopped for a visit.
I'm looking out the window at another rainy day.
Thank the Lord in the sun and the rain.

Monday, May 6, 2013

It's Raining, It's Pouring....

Da' old lady should be snoring...
Here I am just off work and the kids at school, 
I'm thinking of sleep.
that's not what I'm doing I'm tuning in for the 
Monday Music Moves Me. 
Today's theme is songs with a name in the title or lyrics.
So let's get this party started with a good ole gurl I can't get enough of lately, Miranda Lambert.

Song Number 2 is from the Zac Brown Band. The title is Jolene. It's nothing like Dolly's song. 

And how 'bout one for all the "good Joe's"

Well that's all I got. 
Thanks for the Visit. 
Keep Hoppin'

Friday, May 3, 2013

Stuart Elementary 5K Run/ Walk

Stuart Elementary held their first 5K Run/Walk Charity event. 
We did this run last Saturday and it was so much fun.
My son and I did the event together. 
We also participated in the 8 week training with about 40 other SES student.
There is nothing that will get your adrenaline going like running through the street of town 
with a whole mess of young 'ens.

That's my boy!

This event along with the candy fundraiser allowed the school to come up with 
half the money needed to cover the cost of the new security system.
I think that's great!

Bob White Covered Bridge in Woolwine

Bob White Covered Bride in Woolwine is one more reason Patrick County, 
Virginia is a wonder place to live. 

The Bob White Covered Bridge was constructed by Walter G. Weaver of Woolwine, named for the former Bob White Post Office which in turn was named after the bobwhite quails that inhabit the area. It served as an access route to the Smith River Church of the Brethren, located on the south side of the river. The bridge was bypassed to the west with a concrete bridge in 1981. Although closed to motor traffic, the Bob White Covered Bridge still attracts numerous visitors. The bridge is the site of annual horse-drawn wagon rides as part of the Patrick County Covered Bridge Festival which is held every June.

I also have a whole mess of pictures I took from around  the bridge. 
Old houses, leaning shacks, rusty old cars peaking through;
yes this is the south too.

I'm also excited about the 3rd Annual Covered Bridge Run that is happening 
June 15th. I'm hoping to get in on it this year. This should be very fun since the run begins at 
the Jack's Creek Covered Bridge that is also in Woolwine and end at the Bob White Covered Bridge.
Raising money for a good cause, visiting not one but two covered bridges, experiencing beautiful landscape that Woolwine has to offer just all seems like a win, win to me.
Thank you for stopping by for a visit.
Here's a link in case you too are interested in a 5k Run/Walk like this:

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Iris...I Love ya.

Iris' are just starting to bloom all around the yard.

I can't wait to see them in full bloom. I really love those deep lavender blooms.

I moved the kindness rock and oh boy do we have some ants.
This has just been a little walk about.
Thanks so much for you visit.
Wishing you a very blessed day!