Monday, July 22, 2013

Boston Red Socks vs. New York Yankees~Monday Music Moves Me

Good Mornin'!
Welcome to another Monday Music Moves Me!
It's a freebie.. so...anything goes!

Anyone catch last nights Boston and Yankee game? What a game right?



What's up with all those bearded Boston boys?

Well that's all folks.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer Rains, Front Porch Sittin', & just a little Sippin'

Front porch sittin'
white watching the summer rains amble
across the mountain just beyond
Spittin' that cool sprinkle across your face
Just doing a little Saturday summer sippin'

and just a little something for those Beach Music Fans...
that's what I'm listening to on a summer day.

and for those that love the shag...


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hot Dog~A New Twist to an Old Favorite

Hot Day are great for hot dogs.
We put a new twist on our dogs.
We typically eat our hot dog two ways; either Carolina style which is mayo,mustard , chili ,slaw , and onions or with mustard and sauerkraut.
These dogs are wearing mayo, red lettuce and tomatoes. A dash of pepper really went well.
It was a light, easy and quite  a yummy summer supper.

Sometimes it's just the little things that make the day.

Be Blessed! 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Possum, Oh-possum and Another Monday Music Moves Me

Good Monday to ya and welcome to another 
Monday Music Moves Me.
This weeks theme is videos that feature celebrities.

Upon getting home from work this morning, this is what I found.....
Around here we have put the war on for whatever has put the war on our hens.
Of course, opossums are not uncommon but before we bring more chicks home, I'd like to give them a better chance of surviving. 
The ole man has worked on the foxes but for as many as we were seeing I was sure there was more to get rid of but because they are so smart and quickly adaptable I thought I'd try setting a trap out by the chicken coop and see if I could get lucky.
Oh lucky, not fox but this nasty mama opossum. I had really forgotten that they keep their babies in a pouch. I wish I had captured a picture when all those little legs and curly tail where sticking out but she has tucked those babies away.
So help me, I'd better not get anybody teary comments for this nasty creature.
She has gone from being calm and still to getting viscous and fangy
and ...
She stinks!
Now I've got to figure out what to do with it.
I'm thinking I'm going to wait until the ole man gets home.
shew 'ew...
Let's get to the music please.....

I guess we're goin' Redneck Crazy with Tyler Farr and our redneck celebrities from 
Duck Dynasty.
These young 'ens around here can't get enough of those nuts down there in West Monroe 
so let's hear Darius Rucker performing Wagon Wheel.
The next song on this is 1994 by Jason Aldean. 
There's a lot of  country celebrities but it also features Hayden Panettiere.
Lucas Till is our next celebrity being featured in Taylor Swift's You Belong to Me.
How about a throwback from Dolly Parton. Everybody's a star in this one.
Let's end this musical fun with these sorry son's a...

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Let Go of that Eggo

 I was strolling through the grocery store a few weeks ago and decided to pick up some frozen waffles for the kids. I thought it would give them something different and something easy on all of us on those morning I'm coming off work.

The kids have ate them without complaint but after getting some out of the freezer for Jack, I thought to myself ," how gross?" They are basically like eating a piece of cardboard. I'm assuming that cardboard can easily be eaten if it's covered in butter and syrup. I thought I had eaten them before, too. I didn't remember them quite the same but regardless of all that I purchased them again.
I felt very guilty. 
I knew I should do better than this. 
If  Kellogg's can freeze their waffles, why can't I?
Well, I can and I did.
I pulled out my waffle maker.
Gathered my ingredients
If you have a tried and true waffle recipe by all means use it.
I on the other hand am not a typical cook.
I'm an eye-baller and an improviser.
I put a good bit of self-rising flour in a mixing bowl, maybe 2 cup maybe a little more.
Add about a teaspoon of salt and some sugar. 
You could leave those out if you don't want them or have it on hand.
I measure the salt in the palm of my hand and throw it in. 
The sugar I just sprinkle along the top of my flour; it's really more to help it brown nicely.
Take a whisk and stir it up.
I then add the egg, oil(about a 1/4 cup), teaspoon of vanilla( usually your cap is a teaspoon)
and add your milk or some real big tablespoons of sour cream. 
I used the sour cream because I forgot we were out of milk....
Whisk again.
It will be really thick. I then move to the sink and 
Add water and whisk until I get it looking about right.
*about right is when it is thin enough to pour but not too thin*
Then you..
Cook 'em
Eat 'em
Freeze 'em.

When you freeze them it will be best to put wax paper between them.
I use an old bread bag to store them in the freezer.

Do your own waffles.
Thanks for the visit.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Vintage Soft Tee~Pinterest

A $3.00 t-shirt and Pinterest recipe for a vintage soft tee
1 quart of water
1/2 cup of salt

Brine shirt for three day 
Machine wash
Tumble dry

My shirt wasn't terrible stiff but I was hoping for that ridiculously soft feeling;
 the feeling you on get from wash and wear.
Should I use regular iodized salt or sea salt?
The instruction didn't say it mattered so I went with the regular salt it is cheaper.
I soaked it for the 3 days, I washed and dried.
My result where really unnoticeable.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Monday, July 8, 2013

Where to begin?

Uh...Where do I begin?
I'm going to begin with it's Monday and thank the Lord it ain't raining.
Other than the rain forest that once was my yard and the bombarding of insects
all is truthfully well with us.
Matthew 5:45......for He maketh His sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and send rain on the just and on the unjust.

Tiger Lilies will soon be blooming.


            One purple pepper is on the vine. 
I've been anticipating them but my peppers have been slow. Almost everything has been slow coming along. 

          We also have a few green ones.
purple hydrangea
I did manage to find a few blackberries on the vine.
 I guess Judd(our goat) didn't get to these.
That brings me to a the subject of Judd. 
We lost our goat yesterday. He was just a goat but I'm quite sad over him dying.
He had quite q personality.
We've been on a bad roll lately: now we're down to Shabby Cat.
Be careful Shabbs...I don't think I can take another lose.

Well with all that being said, it is another Monday Music Moves Me.
The theme is a freebie.

I just stumbled across this video while looking for another and I couldn't help but share it...


John Fogerty....."Have You Ever Seen the Rain?"

Kacey Musgraves...."Blowin' Smoke."

And Yeah......Josh Turner, "Firecracker"

Thanks for the visit!
Come Again!