Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thankful Homecomings


Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday Music Moves Me~What You Listened to in High School

Welcome Monday
Monday Music Moves Me
VandyJ chose our theme today and it is
What you listened to in High School.

Mmm...what I listened to in High School...

With the sweet smell of diesel fuel in the air the tunes were often some of these:



But once I got my wheels rolling I'd Rock-it-up


Boy Daddy didn't like this one...




Was there really anything back in the day
Hot Rod Cars & Rock-n-Roll


Well this could go on and on let's end this like any could night would..


Thanks for traveling down Reminiscent Road with me.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Good Neighbor Blog Hop #4

Good Morning & Happy Day!
to all my Good Neighbors.

This is the last week of the week of November and we are also running headlong into Thanksgiving. My hope for all my family, friend, and good neighbors is a better connection with God through a thankful heart for all the many blessings that he has bestowed to us all. I also hope we all step away from our whims and rushes of the week to truly enjoy our families spending, our time with the ones in our lives that are truly precious.
May we be thankful not only for the sake of the holiday but may we live with a thankful heart everyday.
Let's get to announcing the feature posts from the past week.
I like to put the last first so I'm going to start out by announcing our 
Late Bloomer.
Southern Direction

the Little Homestead in Boise
for their post First Snow Yesterday"All is Lost-Wow, Sunny Fall Chickens Today

And now let's get on to our 2 feature spots:
Southern Direction

Ann from Summers Acres has chosen A Family Tradition of Sustainability.
Thank you Rural Economist!

For my choice I picked Fall Baby Shower  thanks to the Nifty Thrifty Family!

I want to thank everyone that participated in this little blog hop.
I hope we make a grand showing for this weeks hop;
This will be the last week for this hop.
Much Love!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Dried Flower Arrangement

Well it's that time of year when the flowers are all spent and the leaves have all turned. Even so, I think the colors suit me fine lately. The past few years I really prefer reds, oranges, and many shades of brown.
When I was in my 20's, it was blues and mauves. In my 30's, I  lived in a different home and the colors in that home always seemed to generate toward a red, white, and blue theme. My home now-a-days seems to be better suited with earth tones.

Have you always decorated with a particular color?
If so, what's your favorite colors?

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Just Bean n' Potatoes

A cup of coffee and kiss to the Ole Man as he heads off to work. Another day has begun.
The kids are up shortly after when I realized...not much milk in the jug. Oh, no need to fret; it's sorta' like that saying " All things work to the good of them that love the Lord" and they most certainly do.
Pull out the mixing bowl and heat up the stove; what's good for the stomach is good for the soul.
There was nothing but smiles and almost a little spring the step as
the kids trotted off to catch the bus.
It's time to do a little cleaning and wash a load of clothes and also do a little blogging around.
I should be at work, too but I've spent more time laid-off this year than at work. 
I make a virtual visit at my sister's place
Oh, great!  I get to hop around. 

Summers Acres: The HomeAcre Hop

I really do enjoy all these posts. 
There was one post in particular that really caught my attention and
 I thought it to be well worth the reading, The Olden Days: Potatoes.

The story got me thinking about a comment that the Ole Man made at me that kind pissed me off and it also got me thinking about a particular summer growing up when times got quite hard. There's no doubt when it comes to suppertime I cook a lot of potatoes.  I really love 'em!
 Rice is good but it ain't no potato. 
But...I guess the Ole Man had eaten all the potatoes he could stand for a while when he puffed at the plate and said," Awe you ain't nothing but beans and potatoes!" I'll be honest in saying I took what he said to heart... just like a knife. As a matter of fact, there's been a lack of potato eating in this house since the statement was made. 
I have somewhat forgave him for the statement but he on the most part has to ask me specifically for a potato these days...
 by the way he has wanted for potatoes on quite a few occasions...
 I have cooked them.
(usually as I cuss him a little under my breathe..that's not very Christian is it?) 

I have did some considerable praying about that matter. As I've prayed about the matter, I also excepted that it was a true statement. Especially when I recall the particular summer growing up, when my Daddy blowed the motor in his truck. 
My daddy is an owner/operator truck driver. Thank the Lord! He and Mama always planted a garden. Grandma Dorothy, Papa Louis, Daddy and Mama planted a huge bottom field  full of potatoes that year and boy did the potatoes come in that year. When much of what we had had been gone through that year we still had potatoes. 
We ate them boil, fried, and baked. 
We ate them everyday; several times a day and they were good.

I'll tell you a potato is a real good thing; some beans on the side makes them that much better. As for those people who say potatoes are not good for ya...well I don't think they know what they are taking about.
Taters is good for the body & for the soul!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bringing Down the Pines~Again

The view from my back door.

We're still bringing down our monstrous pine trees. This is is the fourth time our tree guy has came out and preformed a cutting for us. We have had so many and to keep the cost down and a handle on the clean up we've having a few cut at the time. 
The whole family, at least the ones still living at home
 have had the joys of joining in on the fun. I would be fibbing if I wasn't beginning to be quite depressed at looking at our mess. 
There's still no doubt in my mind the trees had to come down. They were apt to come down on their own which would have been a detrimental thing.
I'm positive they added to the complexities of trying to grow anything on our property.
The trees where seriously taking every bit of nutrients from the soil. So I tell myself ," Better things will surely come in the way of gardening." Of course, I had finally trained myself to search out those shade lovers for the back yard; it will remain to be seen what will come of anything there as well.

The Ole' Man (husband) keeps saying uplifting things about the situation. I think the look on my face is giving me away even though I haven't been offering up complaints. What he envisions happening around the yard and what I wish for often do not match. What can I say about marital bliss?

I have looked at quite a few nursery sites and of course at the local home and garden store but it is way to soon to think of any of that. 
Those little quotes that people say keep floating around. 
You know phrases like:
"You'll have a blank canvas. You can do whatever you want."
In reality what we have is a big dirty canvas.

Well...that's my update and rant on our pine tree situation.

I do appreciate your visit. 
My wish for you is to 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Music Moves Me

Welcome to another 
Monday Music Moves Me!
You guessed's theme is pink in reminder of all the women and their families that brave the fight against breast cancer.

It is no doubt in my mind that the star of today music will be that
ole' sly cat himself...the Pink Panther.
This theme song is undoubtedly ingrained into my brain.
Of course, grew up watching the cartoon but my oldest daughter learned this song back when she was taking piano lessons and it was such a crowd pleaser, so much so that she played it in a talent show in elementary school and won a category with it. That has also lead all the rest of the children in the house to have to learn it, also. I have probably heard this song on played and misplayed a million times..really over and over. 
Nevertheless it's a great piece of music so let's watch the cat in his prime.


While we're rolling down TV memory land let's check-out 
the Fonze and Pinky Tuscadero


Let's hear one from the National~Pink Rabbit.

How about a tribute for those Pink Ladies?

I'm going to wind this down with Joan Jett and Crimson and Clover.'s not pink but it's close.
Thanks for letting the music move you in pink.


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Good Neighbor Blog Hop #3

Good Mornin'!
Good Neighbors!
Southern Direction
Here we are at the beginning of another week and it's time to announce the featured posts from last weeks Good Neighbor Blog Hop.

Late Bloom Feature Post goes to Heather May over at Frugal Fit Family for her
 Do-it-yourself Gak Recipe
It is a great post and super fun!

Southern Direction

All the post entered were fabulous and I felt as if I knew each of you like a neighbor but the post that jumped out at me was Dandelion Coffee, Wild and Free from

Southern Direction
Thanks goes out to Summer Acres my co-host. 
Hop over there and give Ann and Jon a holler.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Thank You Veterans on this Monday Music Moves Me

Thanks you to all who serve!
Welcome to another Monday Music Moves Me.
Today I'm moved in that old patriotic way.


A little Boogie Woogie...

Daddy's Army buddies name actually was Bill Bailey. He was one of the witnesses on Daddy and Mama's wedding day. So hears one for Bill Bailey.

I gotta share this one for Daddy. 
Love ya!

Okay..I had to share another one for all the Airborne well ...
just because..
They Rock!

Love & Honor to All branches of the military!

Is there music in silence?
You better believe it!

Sweet Melody

Thanks so much for visiting today.
In case you didn't know...
If you live in United States of America,
your are
Very Blessed!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Good Mornin' Neighbors!
I'm excited to kick-off week number 2  of the Good Neighbor Blog Hop.
We'll be doing this hop through the month of  November.
This hop is also open the entire week. A good neighbor is welcome anytime.

I want to thank everyone that participated in last weeks Hop. I enjoyed all the posts over a hot cup of coffee. I enjoyed every helpful hint, delicious recipe, and the wonderful pictures of your
 family and lifestyle. 

Our Late Bloom Post  goes to 
The Rural Economist for the post Gardening Notebook Review and Giveaway.
Southern Direction
If you missed her post hop on over and take a look.

Our Featured Posts Are:
Southern Direction
Our two favorite from last weeks post are:
Yesterfood~Two Ingredient Southwest Chicken(crock Pot)

On A Wing and A Prayer~DIY Neosporin Ointment

A special thanks to my Co-host !
Summers Acres

Join our party & grab a button!
Southern Direction

Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Music Moves Me

Good Mornin' and Welcome to another
Monday Music Moves Me!
Today's theme is Colors. 
I'm so glad you're here...
Let's play the music!

Our field may have all turned brown and the flowers are all gone
 it could be that it's time to gather our seeds
and take a walk in the garden.

As we walk let's look at those falling leaves.

As you go on your way do realize you are looking at
God's Coloring Book.
Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Good Neighbor Blog Hop

If you are joining our party please do grab this button.
Southern Direction

If you are featured please display our featured  button.

Southern Direction
We are also planning to feature the very last post that makes it in before the link closes.
If you are that post please display this button.

Southern Direction