Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Long Range Forecast

I had thought to refrain from Link-ups of a while but as I was listening to WHEO our local AM radio station(1270). They were doing their call in section called Community Conversations when John a regular caller called in with a giggle and said he had the way to tell what your weather will be all year.

Richard said, "Okay, tell us."

John said,"You record the weather for the first 12 days of the year. Then each day should be a reflection of the overall weather for each month; the first day would be January and the second day would be February." 

I thought it sounded fun and wondered how accurate it would be and first thought I would make a post and keep up with it through the year. Then I thought it might be fun for others to join in as well.
I may be the only sort that find fun in such things.

I have set up a little link-up.
Feel free to link-up!

I'm going to chime in January 1-12 and then the last day of each month.
At the end of the year maybe I'll drink a warm cup of cider
have a chuckle or maybe I'll be surprised.

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Joys for a New Year

noun 1. a feeling of great pleasure & happiness. delight, jubilation, triumph, bliss
verb 2. rejoice.

I've been traveling through some much loved sites and visiting blogs that I've neglected due to the rush of the holiday season. There seems to be an abundant call for Joy for the new year.I thought possibly it was only me who felt somewhat eluded by the presents of it lately. I hadn't commented too much of my lack of joy because there tends to be an abundance of comments suggesting that a lack of joy is to be lacking in faith or that you might not love or appreciate what God so graciously gives us. 

Hurry, worry and noise will steal your joy.

This phrase is stated on our local AM radio station by the commentator often and there's a lot of truth in the statement but the modern life is full of hurry, worry, and noise. I sometimes feel as if the more I try to escape these three, the more I'm bombarded by them. 

 Are you making resolution?
I gave up resolution and instead I set goal.
Are you taking inventory of your resolutions or goal?
I am too.
Will you pray about your goals?
I'm afraid not to.

Will there be "joy" in 2014?
If we rejoice, I'm sure we will find bliss.

Psalm 70:4 
Let all those that seek thee rejoice and be glad in thee; and let such as love thy salvation say, Let God be magnified.


Monday, December 23, 2013

Santa Claus is Everywhere~Monday Music Moves Me

Well, here we are looking directly in the face of

2 day..right?
Rather than lie to you 
I'll tell you I have reach my usual Bah Humbug place...
Do you want to hear all my crappy reason?
Of course you don't...
Well then, that would make you a liar. 
My Jack has woke up and is so excited he's about to bust.
I'll let ya listen to Merle and I'll pour a cup of coffee and put a smile on the face.


Good mornin'
~Merry Christmas~
Monday Music Moves Me!









Awh..coffee's good & the Lord is too.
Have a Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

6 days

Oh My Word!! We're down to 6 more days. 
Isn't it wonderful when real life takes hold and there no time to put together a post.

We actually put our Christmas Tree up last Friday but we've already started making our Christmas rounds, so..this is the first chance I've had to sit down and share my pictures and a few words.

I would also like to add, I was quite amazed when I downloaded my picture and it was twinkling.
I bet I just got a many a' eyeroll...
I didn't know it would do that...

Only two stocking hung this year..
that made me a little sad.

We don't have a mantel so this has always been the designated stocking spot.
Most years the stocking are from the floor to the ceiling.
So goes when everyone grows up...

We went for a tree that would be a little better sized for the room.
We have been notorious for choosing a tree extremely to large for the room. 

I had the lights on for them and they were totally ready to get the decorating on.
First, the balls then the special ornaments.
I had to giggle; if you saw one red ornament, you saw another, same with the green and so on.

Some of the special ones

The cross was made for me some time back. 
We had used it up until a few years ago, when we had a antiqued star that we used
but we've went back to our cross the past couple of years.

It wouldn't hurt my feelings to get some snow for Christmas.
It seems a little funny the way that sun is shining in on them 
but it really was quite a cold day.
 I always enjoy finding a special place for my little ornament to hang.
A friend from work made it for me.
Things like that tend to make me sentimental.

However you like to decorate do it to satisfy yourself and you family.
By all means,
Be Blessed!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas In Virginia~Monday Music Moves Me

Merry Monday Morning!
Christmas time will soon be arriving 
 I'm looking forward  to friends and family.
We do Christmas Virginia-style around here
 hope you enjoy these songs as much as much as I do.


Put those Smiles on cause...


Let it be Christmas...everywhere!


About the only thing on my little boys mind this year is toy trains.


A Christmas Carol....


Nothing sounds so sweet to my ear at Christmas as 
"Beautiful Star of Bethlehem."
I love it best sung by my Mama but the simplicity that 
Heather Berry-Mabe brings the song is pretty close.


Go Tell It On The Mountain that Jesus Christ is Born!

Wishing all the Bah Humbugs away...Replaced with all the Joys.


Be Blessed!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Are You A Sap Like Me

Okay...maybe "sap" was a bit strong.
Maybe I should have said, "sappy like me."

I am never the women with the lovely hands. Yes, I have been told to wear my gloves but even when I was a girl being scolded by my grandmother for not getting my gloves on before toting wood or whatever else, I would almost never have my gloves on.

Gather the ground cedar, other greenery and yes,the live Christmas tree has meant that my hands have been a continual sappy mess.

I wanted to share my quick fix out of this sticky mess.
Yes, you can buy a variety of products but the cheapest and easiest one I've used is 
Good old Vaseline.
Just a Dab will do ya!
Rub it on your hands for just a little, then wash your hand and watch the sap

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

15 days

We've had a break in the weather...at least for today..not tomorrow.
Outside I go!
Front Door

More green..when you don't know what else to do..add  more green.
Some of my decor can get a little rambling.

Awh..my first tree I've put up to far.
Sorta' Charlie Brown with some paper stars.
Jack's Candy Canes
He loves these things!

Back Door

If you look closely, you'll see that all my decorations are not real.
My way is to mix it up.
I don't usually go to far out, I keep it simply
Keep it Country.

I thank you for coming by for a visit.
Merry Christmas!

Christmas Parade 2013

Not a lot of words but a few pictures to share from the 
2013 Patrick County Christmas Parade.
Small town parade at it's best!

          Bowling Ball & Pin

Your in Redneck Heaven!
Every boy...get your girl..get the 4 wheeler.

We do a lot of Jesus loving around here!

The Patrick County Band is my highlight.

There's my girl!!


Look at me...not...

Well that's all folks.