Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Just The Way You Are

Monday, March 25, 2013

Fading into Bluegrass~Monday Music Moves Me

Here it is again, another Monday Music Moves Me Blog Hop!
I've let myself be confined due lately. Between weather and work I really haven't had much bloggy wonderfulness going on but I have come to look forward to Mondays and hopping around and hearing the different ways people express themselves and find joy through music.
Today, the theme is the blues but and I don't feel like getting completely blue maybe just a little grey. 
If you've hopped by here before you know you might hear about anything, so today will be no exception. In some past post you know I might rock it up or chill out with some great bluegrass. 
Let's do both...
My first on the list for today is "The Unforgiven" a tribute to Metallica by the bluegrass band 
Iron Horse

Number 2: Nothing Else Matters~Iron Horse

Number 3: Cocaine~Pickin On Series. 
Who doesn't love Eric Clapton? Well we like his song on the bluegrass side too.
I have always liked this song but by no means am I try to promote or even lighten drug abuse.

Number 4: Statesboro Blues~Tribute to the Allman Brothers

Well I say...the sun has peeked through this snowy/icy Monday so let get alittle bluer...

Did ya make it all the way to the end of this post?
Oh my..ya might be fading into bluegrass....
Are you trying to figure out how ya got here?

Ya'll come back now ..ya hear!

Monday, March 18, 2013

You Can Beat It with an Ugly Stik~~Monday Music Moves Me

Oh my goodness! It is another Monday Music Moves Me blog hop. I have been honored to have been chosen as the spotlight dancer. I want to start out by apologizing if I break any rules. It will be unintentional. I also must apologize for being late. Mondays is usually a good day for me to get to the computer and blog around but alittle ice in the county has thrown the kids on a two hour school delay. 

If the weather's even close to good I will promise you all, I will be absent from the bloggy world and the good Lord blessed me with a pretty great weekend. 

                 It is a freebie day so I guess we can go where ever we want to today. 
I so have some Spring fever. I had promises myself back in January I was going to buy fishing license this year and fish. I have really done any fishing since I was a kid ..but I like it and I know Jack loves it. The old man(husband) use to be on a fishing craze but work has been a little demanding so the Jack cannot suffer anymore. Spending time with my boy and out on a creek bank or lakeside is truly two of my favorite things to do. So I'm excited and ready to do the thang. 

I'm not the one to watch every fishing show but I believe I probably have watched them all and I will tell you I think some folks lose all the fun for making it so complicated. The only  fishing show I care to watch is Bill Dance and Carolina Outdoor Journal. I also had to pick up a pole. I probably could have just found me one in building but I wanted my own. The questions I had was," What kind of reel? ....What kind of rod?" I almost went with the classic Zebco 33" but I really wanted the Ugly Stik Spin Cast Combo. 

I'm excited! 
I'm ready!
What you are thinking...
Where's the dang music?
So let's start with my all time summers on the way make me feel good song....Fishing in the dark by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

I'm country music lover but I really love Beach Music. If you didn't grow up in the Carolina's you might not understand the craze. Carolina beaches, shagging, and just plain relax, Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl" has always been a favorite. I always wanted to be brown eyed because of this song but I have been blessed with my own brown eyed girl. 

I'm one of those folks who pretends to shagg but check out the real deal.

Jack and I are suppose to start training today for the 5K event the elementary school is sponsoring. We were both quite pumped up about it but they have cancelled practice due to weather so here's Emmylou to get us in the running mood.

I'll end this ride with one more Emmylou song one for all those who grew up with red dirt between your toes. Thanks to all of you who stopped by. I wish you a most blessed day.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sit Down Young Stranger by the Country Gentlemen

I heard this song just the other night and it has stuck with me so.
I just love the Country Gentlemen.
There's something in his voice and a deepness in the lyrics.
There's no video to go along but so many times I prefer it that way many times seeing a video of a song will just kill it for me.
I hope you too will enjoy this song.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Telling My Life with a Song

This is another Monday Music Moves me Blog Hop. 
It's a fun one. I'll have to warn you; I'm a mixed bag when it comes to the music. I was a child through the seventies, hit my teens through the big hair eighties, spent many a evening at a church revival where my Mama and Daddy most always would telling the gospel through a simple guitar and lyrics, and I'm most certain I'm more backwood country than you could ever stand to really know.
Let me see if I can round up a song or two to tell my story.

With my Daddy being a Bible toting truck driver I'm going to start you out with one that was most likely his song. I can't share him and Mama doing this song, which is the way my ear always hears it no matter which artist is sing it.

I'm Using My Bible for a Roadmap..

Mama's simple singing and love of minor chords always made this a favorite for me.

Unseen Hand

Seven Bridges Road is my all time southern rock favorites. Makes me think about the old camaro and a dirt road.

Didn't ever girl want to be Joan Jett...I sure did...

The best concert I ever went to was down in Rockingham, North Carolina. It was about a seven band outdoor concert; my favorite of course was Metallica. One absolutely crazy night finishing out with the worst thunderstorm I had ever seen but Wow...what a scene! It was such a fantastic mix Metallica just tearing it up all while lightening crashed to the ground. I did question in my mind if God was getting ready to take us all out.
So here's my favorite Metallica song Whiskey in the Jar. I have strangely thought this would make a most driving bluegrass song.

Wow!!How many song will it take to tell my story. Looking at this list I'm starting to feel kinda old. I'm going to finish this whole thing off with what I think is the most all time rocking bluegrass song ever.
Did you really think you could get out of all this without hearing more bluegrass?
Del McCoury's Vincent Blacklighting makes me visualize my old man on his Chopper and is the only time I ever thought I'd like to be a redhead.

Okay where's this ride going to end? Well....I don't know. I guess I should have included some song from Little Mermaid or Lightening McQueen but I didn't ya'll all know I'm a Mama several times over
so let's just chill out with some Kenny Chesney and I'll love ya...Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Ask Granny: What Made Old Ball Jars Blue~~Sharing

I love this old history! Canning Granny is just the best place to go for good old fashion canning advice. Here is a post that I thought was so interesting. That is probably because I love these old jar. I'm an old jar lover. I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did.

Monday, March 4, 2013

It's a Monday Music Moves Me Blog Hop~~Baby~

Wow! How long has it been since I've posted? I'm so glad to catch up with all my bloggy friends...I missed ya! It is a Monday Music Moves Me Blog Hop. Many times I have tried to get in on all this hoppin' and either I've been interrupted or a technical malfunction has booted my whole post off or some other ridiculousness occurs. I always like hearing what others are into and hearing something out of my usual even though I don't always follow through with a post.
It's a Monday that  feels like a Friday to me. My B-day was Saturday and I worked all weekend but it was all good but I feel like I'm on a little birthday high so I'll try not to be too much of "hell yeah" girl this morning or maybe my whole redneck side will be out you just never really know with me. 
so let's get to hoppin..

Well guess I'll end this up with a little Alison Krauss.
Thanks for stoppin' by