Monday, July 30, 2012

Meet My Characters

This is Jud our goat.
Ain't he handsome.
He thinks so too.
His eyes look blue in these picture
 but that just my lack of photography

Here's our hens, Lottie, Dottie, Lorretta,
and Bertha.

You can see they are full of mischief.

Petey our dog.
He thinks he's a prince.
This is Diesel;
Petey's trusty sidekick.
Here's all the kids.
This picture is a little old but with some in
school and others running in so many
directions, this is the last one I've had without
someone missing.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Buttered Nose

Happy Birthday Jack!!

Around here, when it's your birthday you get your nose buttered or some folks grease your nose.
Some people laugh, some people cry.
Love ya, Jack.

Doors Wide Open

What kind of person are you? Are you a doors wide open person? Or are you a door shut tightly person? This can be a question of personal style or it can also be they way an individual relates to the world.

I am a doors wide open person. Even with tempertures reaching nearly 100 degrees the past week, I want the doors open. I want to hear what is going on wether it's the birds singing or the dog barking or even the neighbor who chooses to mow on Sunday morning. When I am in the house for a little, it doesn't take me long before I'm right back outside looking for a chore or a project. I apologize to people who visit and are use to being closed up in there homes and there cars with the AC on but before long they seem to prefer the atmosphere that we have around our home. My children have all been lovers of the out doors and with the doors open they have the freedom but I can still hear them even if I'm doing chores on the inside. (they have to be done too..)

I think I'm a doors wide open person in most all perspectives but this can leave my condition the same as my poor beat up screen door. I wish I could remember how many times my poor screen door has been replace or patched. Constantly being used and slammed, kicked, pawed, nightly returning of spiders webs leaves my poor door in a quite abused state. Maybe I should change and close the doors. I could enjoy constant controlled enviroment I could shut out the sounds of the world........Naaww....leave that door open.

If you have the opportunity, leave the door open. You might like it. As always thanks for stopping by Southern Direction and by all means don't let the screen door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sharing Iris'

My Mama's bed of iris' had multiplied themselves until they were pushing the root to the top of the dirt. I was glad to take her extra bulbs.
I've got my mattock in hand and I'm ready to find a place to dig up some new ground.

Think, think, think....where do we want to plant.
I've decided to add to an existing bed.

Dig about a 6 inch hole to place the root in; then cover and pat down.

I love flowers and don't believe there's anything that adds to a home the way flowers and shrubs will. If you are not careful you can tie up alot of money in plants. That's why sharing bulbs and seeds from existing beds with friends and family is a great way to beautify your home. I prefer informal flower beds. I often use rocks or old brick as borders around beds and alot of the times I won't even put a border.

I'll be looking forward to next spring to see these deep blue and yellow iris. I hope you find a special person to share your plants and I know you'll recieve a double blessing. As always thanks for looking in on Southern Direction. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Enjoy the View

View from Lovers Leap Look-out
My two youngest

Wow, yesterday was such a hectic day. I had kids to be dropped off, kids to be  picked up and had to take my son along with me to work. Thankfully by 5:30 we were heading south; home from Hillsville, Virginia. I hoped for the traffic to be minimal and the rain to hold back; I was sure my husband was wondering if there would be any supper on stove. As we were winding down the mountain  we reached Lover's Leap Look-Out and the kids began urging me to pull over to see the view. So, that's what we did. It was simple amazing how even on a cloudy day the view from the top of the mountain made all the worries of the day float away with the clouds.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Testimony

I want to share a few words of my faith with you.  I believe in salvation through Jesus Christ and the only way to heaven is by Him. I believe in God the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost. With that being said, I do not base my spiritual relationship on religon or any certain denomination. I am assured we are to be good stewards of this world that we have been intrusted with. I believe all things where given to us for our good if we choose to use what we've been given with perspective to our creator.

Mater Sandwhich and a Cold Drink

tomatoes in the window
True Southern Comfort

Here is my reward for my yard work complete. Nothing is better or more southern than a tomato sandwhich and the beer is just a hankering I have after mowing. I know what you southerners are saying as you look at the pictures of my sandwhich your saying to yourself. Did she really toast that bread and is that really Dukes mayonaise. Yes, I toast my bread just slightly because my tomatoes are so juicy I can't manage to eat it. No, it isn't Dukes. It's Kraft with olive oil. Please forgive me. I also like my sandwhich heavy on the pepper and alittle bit of garlic salt. It was so good and juicy that when my napkin turned to a piece of goo my dog quickly ran up and ate the whole napkin. No matter where you live if you want to feel a little southern slice up a tomatoe and give yourself a real blessing. As always thanks for stopping by.

Simply Southern

Our home
Pic from the Porch
Front pic of the house

One more posie pic

I've posted a few pictures from around my home. I want to give you an idea of the style of life we live. Our home sits at the bottom of Carter Mountain. This isn't a particularly known mountain and the only access is basic dirt road that turns into more of a path the further up the mountain you go. The house has three bedrooms and one bath. The yard is not quite a full acre.

My style of living is simple country. I prefer things to have a purpose. I enjoy gardening whether it is roses, pansies, tomatoes, or okra. I have tendency to plant in small patches due to the soil being rather poor on the property. I do complost to build the quality but that is a slow process. I would love to bring in truck loads of soil but that is a costly endeavor. I usually work with what I've got.

I've seen alot of beautiful places in this United States but nothing makes me feel like home as when I start to see that Blue Ridge Mountain range come into view and the sweet smell of honeysuckles and the sent of tobacco cured in the barn.

I've enjoyed other bloggers views of their homes and their ways of living so I thought making sort of a diary of my own would be a great way of sharing the blessings bestowed on me. I wish to inspire you to count your own blessings, love your life, and to work with what you've got.

As always thanks for stopping by Southern Direction.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Welcome and good morning! Glad you stopped by. This is my first post and I'm excited to be sharing with you. My best wishes that your day is blessed.