Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Moratock Park, Danbury, NC~Wordless Wednesday

Monday, June 24, 2013

Another Monday Music Moves Me

Welcome Monday!
It's another Monday Music Moves Me.
I missed last week..tear...snub..but today is a freebie.
I'm just going to hit you with those songs that 
me and my girls love to hear and sing in the car.
Sometimes Jack sings and sometimes he rolls his eyes.

Let's go riding...

Are ya singing yet?




Are you still riding with us or do you want out?
Sometimes it get a little dirty...


You know your living in the south when your cheerleader daughter 
is doing kicks through this I am typing...


Okay, we're home now..get out the car...
I hope you enjoyed this Monday Music Moves Me
and at least got some laughs.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Crazy Like a Fox

Maybe not crazy like a fox but more like craziness from the fox.
I have been in bit of a downer since we lost our last hen, the past week. We have had them picked off one by one for about three months.
In my mind, I felt it hard to complain when honestly I knew better. This isn't my first day around chickens and I totally understand what varmint they attract. 
We had a few things that me and the old man did not agree on and as a result we are now without chickens.
I initially wanted to keep the chickens pinned up. 
That was a little bit of selfishness on my part as am an avid barefooter. Now I am an avid 
flip-flopper. I also like to think I can have a little garden spot. 
Now a little garden spot has to be fenced in. 
Mostly, I remember what a fight it was to keep creatures of all kind from killing them.
When I was growing up, Daddy bought about a hundred through mail order. They had a large coop and a large, too large pen. Daddy had worked on covering the top but never quite got that completed. A lot of difference was the fact that there was quite a few rooster(too many).
Roosters aim to take care of their hens. We also had several good old country dogs.
 With all that there was still one or two that would get picked off along the way.
Once we started turning our girls out they were very pleasant to have scratching and pecking around.

 but they did not have a rooster and we had become without a dog some time back. 
So the poor  girls where defenseless.

Nothing is so sad as looking at a coop with no hens.
I should have set some traps when we lost the first hen.

I was thinking possum or raccoon. 
There is no shortage of those around here either but instead we have foxes.
You see her looking at me looking at her.
I was surprised how they weren't  scared of me and Jack 

and what about Shabby Cat?
She was quite bothered by them but they didn't pay her much mind at all.

When I thought it was just one and it went on into the woods, 
I began to hear it call(that's what I say it was doing) the others in. 
She made a chirping barking sound and it was very similar to a bird. 
It had probably been out there doing this many times in the evening and 
I just mistakenly thought it was a bird.

It's eating something here but we haven't had a hen in almost two weeks.
I think they have a stash they are coming back to.
We found some chicken feathers laying around that wasn't there before.

I'm thinking it's time to get another dog, a good outdoor dog. Maybe set some traps until then.
we had talked about getting some more chickens.
First, I think me and the old man better get handle on the situation.
Thanks for stopping by and sharing in my woes of the day.
In all things ...

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Bam Bam Weekend

Wow, what a weekend. 
You know that I say that with all honesty since we are already looking down Tuesday.
This was my weekend to work. I am on a every other weekend/12 hour shift kind of a schedule.
This is where is should share Allen Jackson's song, Shift Work. 
I am not a person who hates work but I do feel it causes me to miss a lot. 
I can be easily drawn into a fit of frenzy trying to fit everything in and not miss what's going on.
This weekend, I was feeling terrible cheated.
Saturday, I was knocked out of the 5K Bridge Run again this year.
 I honestly was aiming to make this run. 
It would have meant getting off at 7:00am and booking it to register by 8:00am until the realization that my daughters 4H meeting was so early that there was bearly time to punch out and get her to the Rotary Field in time...mmmm..dang..(that's the nice version, I was really pissed about it)

My sister was planning a family get together at her house for her stepsons birthday.
 I had to just send the kiddos down the road with Mama and Daddy. There was no way to make it back and get to work on time. 
I did fit Jack's ballgame in and dosed  a little on the couch before hand. 
Sunday was Father's Day. How am I going to work that out?
I didn't work much of it out at all. No time spent with my Daddy
 but I did manage to make over the old man(hubby)  some before going to work. 

I gave you all of that information to get down to one of the highlights of Sunday, Bam Bam Ribs. 
I apologize for not sharing a picture but just put to mind a rack of spareribs dripping with sauce.
Sauce on your hands, sauce around your mouth and dripping off of a few elbows,
and silence at the table. 
Silence at the table is how you know you've hit a winner recipe. 
Anticipation can get folks talking before eating and 
offering of thanks will have them talking after the meal.
Silence at the table  is the true sign of praise. It takes a lot to shut this crowd up
and for that reason, I'm sharing this recipe.
Sandra Lee's Bam Bam Ribs
Makes's 4 servings
Roast: 1 1/2 hour

                   4      pounds meaty pork or beef ribs
                   1/4   cups + 2 teaspoons steak rub 
                   1      cup ketchup(Heinz)
                   1/4   cup apricot preserves
                            (She suggests Knott's but I used Smucker's. They don't sell Knott's in Stuart, VA)
                   1/4   cup packed brown sugar( I used Domino)
                   2      tablespoons chili-garlic sauce
                              ( Lee Kim Kee is suggested but I used Kikkoman Spirachca hot chili sauce)
                   1       habanero chile, seeded and minced
                   2       tablespoons red wine vinegar(Pompeian)

  1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Line a rimmed baking sheet with aluminum foil; set aside. Cut ribs into individual portions. Place on baking sheet and coat with the 1/4 cup steak rub. Let stand 15 minutes. 
  2. Roast ribs for 30 minutes.
  3. Meanwhile, in a small saucepan, combine all remaining ingredients. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 5 minutes. Keep warm.
  4. Remove ribs from oven and reduce oven temperature to 325 degree's. Allow time for oven to cool to temperature.
  5. Liberally brush ribs with sauce and return to oven. Continue roasting for 1 hour, basting with sauce after 30 minutes. Remove from oven and brush on remaining sauce. Let stand for 10 minutes before serving.
         *These ribs really had a kick to them. If you don't like it hot try omitting the habenero chili.*
As always, Thanks for stopping by.
Be Blessed!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Feedsack bags and Lockets

Let me introduce you to my love for old feedsack or flour sacks.
 I'm not sure why I love them so much but I do. 
I also should warn you that along with the love of those sack and items made from them 
that I also have a tendency to get attached to things.
So goes with my feedsack back I purchased last May.
I purchased this from on Esty from the shop AllMyGirlsBoutique.
I was so pleased with this bag that I have toted it and washed it until there's 
virtually no picture or words left but I still like the bag.
I was going through some of my jewelry and I came across the pictures
of my children that had been put on a necklace or bracelet.
I have never really worn these after the first because basically I have a lot of children
and it would be just too much.
It has always seemed a waste to have bought them except for the fact I have a hard time turning down pictures or keepsakes or my babies. 
So I thought I would dress up my worn out bag...

My chains are all different and a couple I had to put on another chain 
because they were necklaces.

I even put the one of my that Mama had given me quite some time ago.

I may find me a new old bag or find a better way of doing this
but for a quick bit of whimsy, I'm ready to take on the errands of the day.

Thanks for sharing in my eclectic and crazy fashion.
(I guess that can me called fashion)
Be Blessed!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Monday, June 10, 2013

Project 52~Kleinworth and Co
Good photo fun
I can't get her button to work. 
You'll have to follow the link.

Ballgame at Mt. Top Park

Lovers Leap
Patrick County, Virginia
How lucky to get to see this view so often!

Jack loves the view, too!

Hot dog and a ice cream cone at the
 Poor Farmers Daughter is always
        brings the smiles.

The old man(husband ) relaxing; waiting 
           for our game to start.

Mt Top Park
Meadows of Dan, Virginia

Thanks for the visit.
Have a very 
Blessed Week!

Monday Music Moves Me~~

Good morning!
Welcome to another
Today's theme is a freebie and I'm the honored spotlight dancer.
There's no way to tell where this will take us.
Spotlight Dancers
Where to start..where to start..
Stacy brought the Pistol Annie's and  Xmas Dolly rocked it
 right out of the gate with Pat Benatar 
but it's pouring down rain and I'm in that bluegrass state of mind.
Maybe I'll find us something that will soothe this kind of spirit.
So I guess we'll be Listening to the Rain with the Osborne Brothers

How about some Tony Rice, Mark O'Connor, Bela Fleck
 just flat tearin' up Freeborn Man.

Let me show some Sam Bush and  Del McCoury love...
be sure to listen to the end..

The Steeledrivers is one up and coming bluegrass band. 
I heard them last night on the Ronnie Reno Bluegrass Show on RFDtv.
I'll finish it off with a few from them.

Whether you're flat footin' or boogyin' down
I hope you've enjoyed yourself.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Of Paper Stars and Plastic Eagles

 Hey folks. Has the rain finally passed for you? 
I'm finally able to look out and see the bright warm rays of sun glistening off  what looks to be a jungle. All these warm rain has gotten me completely out of time my mowing schedule but it has not hindered the grass growing one bit.

Are you good at making the best of rainy days?
Sometimes I am and sometimes I become quite antsy. 
When I become antsy there is no telling what kind of crazy project I'll come up with. 
I have had paper stars on my mind for quite sometime and finally thought 
I'd give this paper project a try.

First things first, I'm going to give you the link to the site that got my mind stuck on this project.
Go over to grey luster girl and check out her tutorial.

I started out by finding a star shaped cookie cuter. I traced it onto a cardboard box and cut them out.
My first thought was to paint all these stars and try to fake antique them the way that she did 
and then glue them together. I was then going to run them onto some twine.
Jack was not happy with me for wanting to paint over the Harley-Davidson emblems and my lack of real good gluing ability took me down another path.
I had some brown glitter fingernail polish I painted over the stars and strung them and hung them.
That was first rainy day. 
Well it just looked weird and I thought I need a bigger star. 
You would think I had some bigger cardboard I cut cut on but no.
 So, second day I brought a few pieces home from work and we got to drawing and cutting.
Yes, I am artistically challenged. 
Stars are hard to draw..but needless to say draw it, cut it out, and score it.
Score it along the point all the way across. 
It will end up so that you can  pinch it up and bend it down.
Now we needed to paint it. You now I'm not going to buy anything for this.
So, down to the basement to see what we can use.
No..not recommended for paper...
Jack had to do the painting.
After painting it black, the brown didn't show up.
So..back down the stairs..maybe grey spray paint could work this mess out.
Maybe brown on top of this the way your projects go?
Oh no..I didn't like it.
So, what do you do when you don't like it?
Add flowers..or something close to flowers.
Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you about my plastic eagle.
That story really started a few months ago when I was looking around down at Larry's Variety
 when I saw some iron eagles hanging sorta' high on the wall the lower one was really close to looking like the one that hung above my Grandma Hylton's door for ever. 
I have told myself I would eventually find me one.
 but you know cheap me....I couldn't go the money on that one and it was exactly the same 
so when I was ready to pay Larry he asked," is that all?"
 I said, "Well what about that $4 eagle hanging on the wall." 
and he went and got the ladder and got it down for me.
When he brought it to the register it was plastic...eek...
but I didn't have the heart to tell him I wouldn't take it after he'd went to so much trouble to get it down. 
No, in good light I really didn't like it.
So of course you know what I did!??
I put some gold fingernail polish to it and added some flower something or other.

The sun is still shining but the old man(husband) has come in from work and is informed me 
my sun is not suppose to last for long.
I'd better get out there and mow that wet grass. 
As always thanks for the visit.
p.s. Ann, please give me the heads up if you're going to visit I'll try to have 
something with a kick to drink. It will help you enjoy my new decor so much better. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tony Lama~Zulily's Daily Deal

After I shared my Justin Western Boots I purchased through Zulily's,
I had several folks mentioning they were in want for a good boot deal.
Well, Zulily has hooked up with Tony Lama Boots.
I thought I'd share this. It may be the deal someone has been waiting for.
Cute. Right?
Very nice!

There are several other styles some for guys and some not quite so ornamental.
Here's the link

Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Music Moves Me~~Cover Tunes

     Well let's get the tunes started with another
Monday Music Moves Me
Today's theme is "Cover Tunes"
I'm going to save the words and get to the tunes...

Let's have a little Grace covering White Rabbit(Jefferson Airplane)

Grace Potter covering Higher Ground(Heart)

Let's slow it down with a Government Mule covering I'd Rather Go Blind(Etta James)

Gov't Mule covering Superstition(Stevie Wonder)

I'm going to finish this up with Allison Krauss 

Thanks for the visit.