Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Spencer-Penn Centre's 2nd Annual Pig Cookin' Contest

The Spencer-Penn Centre is the most amazing community center. It's not hard to tell from the picture this was once an elementary school for the Spencer, Virginia community. My Daddy actually attended here for a year or two. At that time, it was also a high school also.  As modern time and modern take on money and education the decision was made to close the school.
Of course that was followed by outrage and hurt feelings for the folks that were effected. Nevertheless, the school closed. Members of the community rallied by means I'm not quite sure of and purchased the property for use as a community center. 
I have been wanting to visit but I hadn't got to it yet. It is only about a 30 minute drive from the house. The local radio is always making mention of the monthly music night and various classes they offer, now and again but yet I still had not gotten around to going. So when the advertised their "Pig Cookin' Contest" I was interested and sure enough not committed to anything else; Mama, Jack and I road on down to check it out. 
The event was much more than just a barbecue festival. There was a car show, civil war encampment, a wonderful artist creating wood sculptures with a chainsaw, bluegrass music and cloggers, local artist, crafts, and of course the food. 
We had such a great time. I apologize for not taking more pictures but I haven't quite overcome the way folks sometimes freak-out when I pull out the camera and I mostly wanted to enjoy the moment.
I think I was most impressed with the way they have utilized the building. Every room and piece of the property is being used. They have a library, and dance studio, they have cooking classes and basket making classes, aerobics and fitness; all while maintaining this beautiful historic building. 
I mean there will never be schools built like this anymore.
I can't wait till the next basket class comes along or music night. 
I'm ready. I'm ready!

I hope you are inspired to get out there and check out them out,
checkout what your own community has to offer.
It's there you just have to go.

Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting!

A Walk to Remember~Sharing Virginia Outdoors Post

Friday, April 12, 2013

Straw Hats, Bonnets, and an Apron

Straw hats and bonnets and apron take me right back to that
white frame house where my Grandma Hylton lived. 
Her house much like her was simple. 
Things that I treasure now as beauty she just saw as functional.
I can see her now in her straw hat and apron coming up from the garden well tended.
Sometimes she would wear a straw hat.
Sometimes she'd be wearing a bonnet.
Apron string tied around her middle
barefooted of  course.
This time of the year she might be still cutting salad
or sowing new seed.
Grandma didn't wear her hat to church.
I guess she say no need. 
I never saw more elegance than 
an old woman, a hat and some seed.

This hat isn't the one my grandma wore but it definitely brought those memories of her right back to my mind. She has been gone for quite some time now but her memory has faded from my mind at all. I even catch myself still speaking of her as I might have talked with her just yesterday.
If your fortunate and your grandmother is still living I encourage you to spend time with her.
Treasure her. 
It will surely add meaning to your life that can't be put into words.

Thanks so much for the visit.
Be Happy

Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Music Moves Me

Hello Music! 
Hello Monday!
Today's theme is the music your parents listened to and how it made you feel.
Folks that know me might already know what direction this music trip will be taking me.
My parents listened to old country which back then wasn't so old and gospel; all of which leaned heavy towards bluegrass music. 
I don't think I thought about how it made me feel. My Daddy is bit of a character and cut up, who could usually be found with a guitar on his knee. He would be just as likely to get up and dance around the room if the mood came over him. Not necessarily because he could dance he was just silly like that. Mama also had her zany moments too. Mama is blessed with an amazing gift for singing and harmony but she was also blessed with the ability to make up a sing song about just about anything. Mama also knows about every child's song there ever was.
I have to say I was blessed with a kind of childhood that very few children get. 
There was never a lot of dollars around; they had surely been replace with love and laughter. 

I'm going to start this journey with some Johnny Horton. 
Riding in Daddy's truck with a floorboard full of so many tools our knees were about up to our chins most likely on our way to cut wood. 

Could you see that alligator?
Let's play one more of Johnny's song's.
Mama always loved this one so good.

This next song is a good silly one. This bluegrass band is probably best known for the song
Rocky Top 
That's just one of many, many great songs recorded by the Osborne Brothers. They also stick in my mind so clear because Daddy loaded us all up and we drove to Lakeside Amusement Park to see them when I was fairly young.
I've been a fan ever since.

How about one more?

And another of Mama's favorites..

I'm going to end this musical train ride with a Hank Snow tune. 
With Daddy been a truck driver and spending his time in the military this song 
surely was a hit.

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Keep Hoppin' 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Mad Hatter Strikes Again

Yes, I'm mad about another hat.
One semi-crumpled, plain black straw hat 
One upcycled , new hat creation.

My intention is to list this hat creation on Etsy
I really like it myself.
Is this a dilemma for other crafty folks?
I hate to see things be tossed away. 
I love recycled and upcycled items.
One of the most repeated questions out of my mouth is..
"Are you going to waste that??"
I'm not sure if that's the country in me,
the southern in me, or just 
the mother in me.
Wow! The sun just popped out and I'm outta hear.
Thanks for stopping by.