Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Music Moves Me~Disney Style

I'm looking out on an absolutely glorious Monday. 
I'm glad to join in again on another 
Monday Music Moves Me.
I've missed you guys...
let's get this party started with this weeks theme
You favorite Disney songs and(or) music from the 70's.

I'm going to start my music off with one of my favorites 
Snow White's Whistle While You Work
My next song will be from the Little Mermaid.
When my daughter Hannah was just a wee little girl it was her favorite.
Lion King was the cartoon of choice for my son Louis.
I think this should be "his song."
He's one of those happy-go-lucky people.
So..Hakuna Matata
Oh my Alisha was a bird of a different feather; a movie fan from the beginning 
and I mean big time but for her it has always been musicals. 
She wants to sing; she wants to dance; and she most certainly wanted to be 
Truly Scrumptious.
She most likely can still recite and sing the entire
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang movie.(and it's a very long movie)
Baby boy Jack
(no he's not a baby anymore but yes he will always be to me)
loves anything that rumbles, rolls, and has a motor so of course you know
his favorite movie is undoubtedly Cars.
When he was just a baby in his bouncy seat the old man( his daddy) walked 
in the room, put a big greasy thumb on his forehead while laughing at my shocked face 
and told me quite frank that his dad said that would seal the deal. 
I hate to admit it but it worked!
I am sure I could do this all day 
but there's other folks to visit. 
Thanks for stopping by!
I couldn't resist just one more.
Be Blessed!
Happy Monday


  1. Absolutely fabulous Disney classics - love 'em all! Thanks for hitting the dance floor today with the 4M crew!

    1. Thanks Cathy, it's good to be back in the 4M fun.

  2. Jungle Book is one of my most favourite animated movies.

  3. The cars soundtrack is what I put in to get myself moving, and Snow White's Whistle is the best! Great music!

    1. There's something about a true whistler, they are all ways happy and put a smile on you face. I have an uncle that is always whistling a tune.

  4. I shall have whistle while you work in my mind all day too now LOL

    have a funtastic week :-)

  5. These are all wonderful Disney songs. I really could not choose which one I like best because they all conjere fond memories.

    1. They do make me go right back to childhood, too.

  6. I absolutely love these!
    And I was just watching Cinderella this morning!

    1. Cinderella is a good one. I'm a sucker for the Disney cartoons.

  7. Replies
    1. Me too..this one was fun sort of like reliving the kids at those times. Can't you remember them all singing and dance? Love ya..see ya Saturday!

  8. I LOVE Disney Movies and their OST...!

    Great choice of songs!

    1. Me too...I'll never grow up, I'll never grow
      Have a great Monday!

  9. I had the song Whistle While You Work on my mind the other day.
    The songs are of course all great.

    I have not heard the song from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in a long time.

    I too am a big time movie buff!

    Thanks for playing this week.

    1. Thanks Nalia. I've missed sharing in the 4M fun. Between interent/phone woes and work I've just been catching some of the posts. It's always fun either way.
      I hope your week is a blast!

  10. All awesome!!
    I can't believe I will admit this, but I actually want to start a Disney playlist now on my iPod! LOL
    they all just bring back such great memories - the ones I watched as a kid, and now the ones I watch With my kids.

    1. While working through this post it was like reliving my children's young lives..sniff, sniff...there always full of storybook style adventure.

  11. So many good ones I didn't want it to stop, and ending up with Jungle Book fabulous. Your order was totally unique and kept me interested so much I had to listen to every single one to the end, and got all my dishes done too. hehehehehehe Yes, that's my secret house work during songs... so my work goes much easier & happier cuz I hate kitchen cleaning. hehehe But my friend I'm gonna remember to save you for the kitchen hehehe hot cha cha cha!!! doobie doobie doooooo hehehhee Thanks for playin' along with us YOU SO ROCK!!!! I WANNA WALK LIKE YOU AND TALK LIKE YOU AND FIND SONGS LIKE YOU!!!! hehehehe

    1. OMG...I love it! You're a mess!

      p.s. Around here a mess is a good thing!
      You know like mess of beans, mess of taters...a mess of fun.