Thursday, March 6, 2014

Re-upholstering the Desk Chair-DIY

A few weeks ago, I wrote about working on those projects I had been pushing to the back-burner. Well, today I finally can check off redoing our desk chair. With the Chuck Wagon Gang tuned in I made my chair over, strolled down memory lane and almost had a prayer meeting at the same time....
the Chuck Wagon Gang will do that for ya...
The chair is about 10 years old. I had purchased the chair at our local Lowe's Home Improvement Store. I liked the classic styling of the chair and I was happy to see it carried the Basset Furniture label, which is or maybe I should say was a company just over in the next county that many folks in this area worked for. speaking of Basset Furniture Company I would be a lie to say if they are even in operation in the U.S. at all.
With ten years of many rough and rowdy kids and just simply,a many a behinds spending ours sitting in it the poor chair looked worse than rough. It had reached the point of shame.
Do ya see??
I'm ashamed..I'm ashamed...
The chair is still very sturdy except the arms had a little waggle in them so I was surely going to tighten everything up while I was at it. I had almost given hope of finding an
allen wrench
 to fit but as luck would have it after a little digging through the junk draw, I was in business.
I removed the seat. I decided to give it a light sanding and put a coat of polyurethane with a little bit of stain on the chair as well. I might be the only one but I kind of liked the wear in the wood on the chair so I thought not to really cover it up. I just cleaned it up and gave it some protection.
Here you can see Roscoe trying to be my helper. 
Do you wonder what he's helping me do? 
He's eating some crumbs that flung out of the chair cushion.
All-in-all, I feel pleased with the end results.

I want to thank you for stopping by.
If you're feeling like you want to go to Prayer Meeting 
give a listen and most of all 


  1. This turned out great!

    1. Thank you. ..I hate that it has taken me so long to do this. Hope you're having a great week. .love ya'll

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  2. Hi Lynn,

    What a wonderful redo! Is it a swivel chair? I love swivel chairs; they're perfect for sitting in for a while, especially when blogging or studying. Just beautiful, kudos to you for finally getting it done!


    1. Yes, it is a swivel chair. It also can rock. It had become so rough. .I don't know what makes kids pick at things. Once the seat became cracked, I would have to scold them just so they would not peel it worse. You can see most of my efforts were in vain.

      Thank you for taking note of my project. It is snowing here to beat the band. You'll have to soak in the sun for the rest of us.

  3. Good for you! I sure hope I get some ambition this spring. Actually, I hope we get spring this spring! What a cutie Roscoe is, and I'm sure a great help. :-)

    1. LOL..Roscoe is my helper..Thanks for stopping by. Come on Spring...Come on Spring!

  4. Nice transformation of your chair! Loved hearing the church in the wildwood. Before I even started listening I was singing it. Amazing how those songs from our childhood are so clear in our minds! Thanks for the memory!

    1. I do love the Chuck Wagon Gang. I listened to the entire playlist. Thank you for stopping by, Be Blessed!

  5. Looks awesome! I recently bought a similar desk chair but mine doesn;t have a padded seat. It will be getting a makeover though since I plan to paint it. That is....if it ever warms up and stops raining in sunny Florida! LOL Have a wonderful weekend....Vicky

    1. I remember you desk chair; I can't remember if I commented on how much it reminded me of ours. Mine isn't truly old but it has that kind of feel and my goodness everything we have ends up with the distressed look..I also thought about painting this one; I thought black and I thought of doing something sorta out of the box but I just settled on staying closer to the original look. We had sleet, snow, and some freezing rain yesterday and now it's the most warm beautiful day. Muddy but beautiful; I sat out at the picnic table and drank a cup of coffee in just a T shirt, no jacket. I think we are on our way to warmer days.

      Thanks for visiting!
      Be Blessed!