Friday, June 10, 2016

Black Sack Dress DIY and Some Rambling

Good Friday Morning!
Spicy tomato and Veggie Omelet

I thought I'd share some of my goings on this week as I had a cup of coffee and breakfast. 
Today, I'm chowing down on what I'm going to call my 2 Egg Leftover Omelet. The reason I say that is that I throwed in leftover salad makings from supper and topped it with some leftover spicy canned tomatoes. I wasn't sure about the radishes and celery going in there but I like it.
It looks a mess...but..mmm's good!

I'm also waiting for the dew to dry off the grass because Friday's is my yard mowing day. We've had some cool nights this week and the grass is extra wet.

I've also got our local AM station playing this morning. They've put me in and extra special good mood with all the beach music they're playing in honor of our very popular Hot Fun In The Summertime Beach Music Festival here tomorrow in Stuart, Virginia. It's all Carolina Style Beach music. It's altogether different than the California style. 
I'm talking the Tams and Chairman of the Board!
Growing up a Carolina Girl..I love it! 

I'm no dancer but I love to see a couple dancing the Shag
My Favorite Charlie and Jackie..

Now wasn't that fun!!
                                Well lastly, I'm going to share what I'm calling my Black Sack Dress..DIY.

It started with this little denim dress I bought at Cato. I really liked the fit and it was pretty dang comfy. 
I used some black fabric I already had and used the denim dress as a pattern. 
I made a few changes like short sleeves and I went with some simple pockets.'s comfy...
but I'm not sure I like it. 
Do ya'll do projects like that?
I'm not sure what about it doesn't satisfy me the most. 
Maybe it's the fabric that doesn't hang quite right..or just the blackness of it all..and I wear a good bit of black but..
I'm just not sold on it.

Well that's the end of my rambling for today. I think the grass is dry.
I thank you for stopping by and sharing a little bit of Friday with me.

Be Blessed!


  1. I know which denim dress you are talking about! :) I think the black dress turned out well, but I bet the denim makes it hang differently than the material the black one is made of. I am about to the point that if it is comfy it'll

    1. LOL..I don't know if you know this dress or not. It's not my old, old denim dress. I just got it about a week ago. I think I really am going to like to wear the black dress but it definitely will need some necklaces or something.

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  2. Your omelet looks tasty! And, I like the black dress. Maybe dress it up with a cute necklace and pair of sandals. I like black too and wear way too much of it! LOL Have a great day!

    1. Hi Vicki, Thank you for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment. I'm thinking the dress will be okay, especially for doing some knocking around and I definitely think it will call for a necklace and some sandals. I hope you are having a very wonderful summer and best wishes on a wonderful day.