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Friday, December 21, 2012

Old Mill Love/Mabry Mill

MABRY MILL is one of my favorite Patrick Country treasures.
This is no doubt on of my favorite places to just knock around. I enjoy going up on the parkway the way a teenager enjoys going to the mall.
The sun was shining like crazy here at the house so I thought it would be a great day to steal away up the mountain and work on my photo skills. Surprise, surprise I was fooled again by the time I made the quick drive, instead of sunny winter day everything had taken on a cold, winter grey.

I am going to boast that Mabry Mill is undoubtedly the most pictured mill ever.
(this is not confirmed...)
I see our beautiful mill everywhere. It's on greeting cards and calendars. I've seen it one postcards, painting, and various other artworks. Many times, it will be pictured as if it's connected with something or somewhere else but it's ours. That doesn't bother me because it's nice to know that others appreciate it's simple serenity.

Ducks on the pond
And I enjoy the different views 
of the old mill.

Here's a picture of the cabin where E.B. Mabry and his family lived.

Looks like it's time to mosey on down the road...

Sometimes window shop from this computer screen..
Sometimes I take a trip...
Thanks for tripping with me!!