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Monday, July 15, 2013

Possum, Oh-possum and Another Monday Music Moves Me

Good Monday to ya and welcome to another 
Monday Music Moves Me.
This weeks theme is videos that feature celebrities.

Upon getting home from work this morning, this is what I found.....
Around here we have put the war on for whatever has put the war on our hens.
Of course, opossums are not uncommon but before we bring more chicks home, I'd like to give them a better chance of surviving. 
The ole man has worked on the foxes but for as many as we were seeing I was sure there was more to get rid of but because they are so smart and quickly adaptable I thought I'd try setting a trap out by the chicken coop and see if I could get lucky.
Oh lucky, not fox but this nasty mama opossum. I had really forgotten that they keep their babies in a pouch. I wish I had captured a picture when all those little legs and curly tail where sticking out but she has tucked those babies away.
So help me, I'd better not get anybody teary comments for this nasty creature.
She has gone from being calm and still to getting viscous and fangy
and ...
She stinks!
Now I've got to figure out what to do with it.
I'm thinking I'm going to wait until the ole man gets home.
shew 'ew...
Let's get to the music please.....

I guess we're goin' Redneck Crazy with Tyler Farr and our redneck celebrities from 
Duck Dynasty.
These young 'ens around here can't get enough of those nuts down there in West Monroe 
so let's hear Darius Rucker performing Wagon Wheel.
The next song on this is 1994 by Jason Aldean. 
There's a lot of  country celebrities but it also features Hayden Panettiere.
Lucas Till is our next celebrity being featured in Taylor Swift's You Belong to Me.
How about a throwback from Dolly Parton. Everybody's a star in this one.
Let's end this musical fun with these sorry son's a...

Thanks so much for stopping by.