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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hanging Rock

I walked the kids to the bus this morning and did my morning walk around checking on the animals when the sun shined so strong in my face I had to stop. It was warm and wonderful. There was expectation of snow but it didn't come our way. If it had been snow you'd be looking at fun pics of me and the kids frolicking in the snow but it was like God gave me a big Happy Valentine.
I had most of my housy work done so I made a ride just down the road to Hanging Rock State Park just to take it all in.
It's sorta funny seeing the lake and swimming area empty but very nice and serene but let's get to that rock we came here to climb.
This is a look from the bottom.
I also took at look in the visitor center. I don't know why but I'd never went in there and I was very impressed. They have a small museum and also a movie theater with showings on special nights. 
My Jack and Alisha will like this and I am surely bringing them back soon.

I thought this was a cool shot of this lady taking her picture.
Her daughter took a picture for me. 
People you meet on a mountain are usually the nicest people.
She was so cute I took a pic of her too.

It's still awesome even all brown.


A look back up.

Well thanks so much for stopping by and checking out a little of Hanging Rock Park in Danbury, NC. The picture do not do it justice! 
If you have a chance it's well worth the trip. the park has wonderful camping, picnic shelters, and as many as seventeen more trails to try out.

Wishing you a Blessed Day.
Mine sure is and it's not even over yet!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Adventures to Mayberry/MT. Airy,NC

My adventurer's
Well here I am loking into another weekend and I still haven't shared last weekends pictures and travels. This was one of those Sundays' that had no real plan the old man(hubby)said, "ya'll goin' with me?" We gladly said, "yeah." When he's ready to go he's ready; so I had neither knowledge of where we were going and I didn't grab the camera so all pictures are thanks to baby girl's(Alisha's) camera. I think you'll enjoy seeing them.
The destination was MT. Airy, North Carolina, which for us isn't a long drive. It takes us about twenty minutes from Stuart, Virginia. We go there often but people travel to Mt. Airy from very far away in search of Mayberry. Yes, Mt. Airy is the home town of Andy Griffith and the inspiration for all those wonderful Mayberry shows.
We only came to visit Main Street where there is alway, always,  interest and excitement.
Pickin's in the Common's
Our first stop it the commons area because we all have to hit the restroom.( you know how us girls are) Well I honesetly would have been content to set there and listen to the bluegrass all evening. Mt. Airy is full of wonderful musicians but bluegrass is truely king around here. This the kind of wonderfulness I think you only get with bluegrass music. These guys are not a peticular band they just come walking up start pulling out guitars, mandolins, and banjo's and start picking. The picker's are growing because people keep walking up with instruments in hand. Several ladies can't help but do a little flat footing(dancing). Oh, but my crew is ready to walk about.
Main Street
Definately motorcycle friendly!
Mt Airy loves the motorcyclist
and they love Mt. Airy.
Do you remember the Blue Bird Diner from Mayberry?
No shortage of hot rods.
If ya' got it..bring it!!
Fantastic Shops.
and more shops!
You say,"you lookin' for artisianship,"
they got it.
anything you want
it's here.
Did I remind you your in the South?
Well that's a quick look at Mt. Airy. I hope you saw something that either entised you or interested you. By the time we'd walked both sides of the street we we're hungry so we ended the day with a fish supper at the Libby Hill restaurant. I recommend them for good affordable family dining.
Thanks so much for visiting Mayberry with us,
and as always...
Be Blessed.
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