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Friday, September 16, 2016

Family Reunion and a Potluck Meal

Happy , Happy Friday to you!
I'm not as excited about the fact that it's Friday as I am about the family get-together tomorrow with the my family on my Mama's side. We don't call it a reunion but I suppose that's what it really is. It's really just Mama's brother's and the children and the grandchildren and great-grandchildren and so on!
My mother was the youngest of eleven. All the sisters and quite a few of the brothers have passed away. 
I think the reason we don't call it a reunion is because it is something that we have always done!

Our family is somewhat unique and close! 
When my Grandma was alive it was an every Saturday thing;
everyone showed up. 
I guess you could say we communed as a family as it had always been.

There was absolutely nothing fancy but beautiful it was.
It still is for us now. 
My Mama and Daddy live at the homeplace now and that's where we all continue to gather once or twice a year. It's kinda of amazing there's always a bitter sweetness for the ones that have gone and the looks on the faces of the ones that are left but oh man...has one family grown. 

Now use to Grandma did the cooking every Saturday!
I mean a electric and a wood cook stove and two tables full of prepared food.
Lol..even if it was 80 degrees outside that wood cook stove was cranking!
Grandma was amazing and there was nothing like her.
It takes all of us these days. Mama cooks up a mess of stuff and everyone brings a dish or two but if you don't have the time or just don't cook don't worry there is always plenty.

Now that leads me to figuring out what I'm bringing. That can get hard because we all know certain things get claimed quickly. Don't even think about deviled eggs or chicken. 
I'm thinking I'm going to dumpling up.

I think I'll take my Turkey Dumpling Casserole.

The dessert I've chosen will be Apple Dumplings. They are dumplings but completely different than the casserole. Lol..I don't think I even have a picture. I will try to get some pictures and a recipe for those. they are very good.
I also think I'm going to try this new little dish I had pinned on Pinterest. 

I think I had a version of it at a dinner at work one time
it was very, very good.
This is a recipe from Manila Spoon.
Check her site out. It's pretty awesome.

I'll definitely try to take some pics of what I come up with.
I am the worse to tweek and change a recipe so it's always a little different.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.
Be Blessed!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Take It Outside Sunday

I have been so glad to see the sunshine on a regular basis. Sunshine on a Sunday afternoon just screams, "cook out doors!" And for the second Sunday in a row that's what we've done. 
The Ole Man had been jonesing for barbecue ribs for at least the most of last month.
I'm not really talking about putting on a big put-on; I'm just talking about some real casual laid back family togetherness.

The right deal on a mess of ribs 
some charcoal,
We were on our way!

Sometimes it's not about the fancy recipes and outstanding exterior decor it's really just about getting  out there and doing it.

Barbecued Ribs, buttery corn-on-the cob, garlic buttered onion, basic cole slaw, Sunbeam dinner rolls, and wash it all down with a big glass of sweet tea.
It will get the good times rolling!

Feeling Blessed on a Southern Sunday!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Good Luck, Prosperity, & Good Health

You're lookin' at my New Year Meal.

Here in my part of the south, this is the typical January 1 meal. I'm not a superstitious person so this meal is more out of tradition and remembrance of my Grandma Dorothy. She had very definite things she expected done. 
"Decent folk do certain things"
She would always be reminding us of what decent folk "do or "don't do." 
Grandma Dorothy's New Year's Meal always, always, consisted of black-eyed peas for luck, collard greens for the money, and hog jowl for health and it better be on the table at 12:00 pm.
"On the Dot!"

I always do a version of her meal. It will usually consist of the peas, a green, and some pork. I often will go with pork chop or even sometimes it's been thick cut bacon. I thought of which direction I was going to take with it, when discovering the hog jowl was either sold out or maybe they don't supply it anymore. Many food items that were so common can't even be found, lately. 
So I went with another old-time favorite...fatback!

I bet those health conscience folks out there are rolling eyes and thinking they are reading total insanity.

If you haven't had good ole salty fatback you probably don't know where it's at!!

I made no great preparation for this meal; my peas and collard greens came straight from the can. I did chunk a good bit of ham in the peas with some salt & pepper. My collard greens are
Margret Holmes brand. If you must buy greens in the can, they are the ones to want for.
Glory brand is good as well but you just about can't beat Margret Holmes for the seasoning. I drain just a bit of the juice off and cook them down in the iron skillet I had cooked the fatback(cook on medium heat unitl it's nice and golden) in.
Potato cakes made from some leftover mashed potatoes and a cornmeal muffin.
As Grandpa Jones would say,"Yum, yum!"

Are you asking yourself how this meal could be good for you at all?
I too questioned such a meal
I honestly have been nursing an extreme cough for about 3 weeks. I awoke to a full nights sleep and have had the slightest of coughs so far the morning....
I don't know....
Maybe the money's on the way too..LOL..