Saturday, December 29, 2012

It's a Great Day for Fishin'

I started this day early like most with a cup of coffee in hand and a kiss to the old man on his way out the door another day of work beginning well before the sun has rose. After he rolled out I glanced at the calendar, that helpful reminder of the days duties. But it's the holidays and my block is empty except for that solid little black fish. 
Translation~Black fish=great day for fishing.
 But...I'm unprepared, I couldn't tell you where my pole might be, my license(what license) have expired, sleet is hitting the window and Jack is still snuggled in bed; so I've did my kind of fishing. At least as of lately, I've waded through my favorite blogs. There have been some awfully good ones that made me feel inspired or gave me a smile. 
All the sudden..
I gotta hit...
This one I couldn't throw back and I'm going to share him with you.
This guys perspective true and breathtaking.

I hope you enjoyed his post as much as I did.
Thank you for stopping by 
and as always..


  1. Happy Day to you! I would much rather read blogs than! Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. LOL...apparently me too...but I do like to fish I just don't anymore. I think I'll put that on my New Years Resolutions..Fish More.

  3. I'm so excited to be following you ... and I don't even fish! Grew up fishing lots in Alaska; but when I moved to California I started doing more laying by the water than dropping a line in! I just loved this sweet post... and also the hot rod comment in your bio; I have a fireman hubby that builds hot rods on his days off. You'd love 'em!!! jules

  4. Thanks for the following but be careful sometimes I don't know where I'm goin'...Lol..I guess I'm as far away from hot rod cars as I am from fishing. I drove a '68 Camaro coming out of high school but now I drove an economical little green station wagon. I sorta' get my kicks through the old man; he has a variety of things that rumble. We're a mixed bag around here; a whole lot of country but we still have to rock and roll...well sometimes.

    I enjoy following you as well!