Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Post Christmas Post

Christmas has come and gone like a whirlwind around here. I do mean that literally. The wind has blowed like crazy and the rain has came. Thankfully the rain has went leaving at least a sunny picture from the window.
I'm not the after Christmas shopper. 
I suppose it is possible to continue eating..

  • I've caught up on some reading
  • done some after Christmas clean-up
  • checked out facebook for all cute family and friends pics
  • I got a little crafty and made my daughter a hat
  • looked at pinterest way to much
  • Jack's been working the remote so we've caught up on Phineas and Ferb, Spongebob, etc...
  • did I mention I've been trying to clean up the leftovers
Well honestly after so much wild and crazy family fun...
Here's a peek, it's starting to get crazy...

Can you tell we're not reserved?

No shortage of cute baby stuff.'s where Mrs.Hyde takes over.
An idol mind is the devils workshop....
So now we can look at those pics that have been cut. 
You know the ones, the ones you wouldn't dare put on facebook
somebody would surely put some unkind pics of you.
How many of them really blog??
Don't look Ann!!
Don't tell..
Oh, Honey..What are you and baby boy talking over?
I love the boots but they don't go with the outfit.
Don't worry about you're hair Alisha set still and let me take this picture.
Here I am pictured in my best Christmas PJ's.
Pure Pandomonium
Mama being very careful.
Wake up Daddy see what's in the bag.
Yes..I'm lovin' the new look.
Aww...I didn't think you'd notice.

Come on..give me  a KISS.

They say if you stand this way you look thin and tall.
Now this has been alot of fun.
I hope you had fun too.
If you never see another blog post by me LOOK at this picture very well.
I'm sure one of these will know what has become of me.


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    1. LOL..good. By the way, it looked like Washington was a lot of fun.