Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Link Union

Good mornin' 
I just have to share a new little bluegrass band with you! Anybody that knows me knows I'm a big bluegrass fan. I am also a big Marty Stewart fan and just have to watch him every Saturday on the RFDTV channel. After the Marty Stewart Show there is also the Midwest Country Show; this is sometime a bit simple and it is very local artists most the time. Sometimes I don't prefer it but I was so excited to hear the band Link Union this past weekend. 
I just love 'em!
I wish the whole show would have been just them!
There young, cute, and absolutely talented!
I've liked them on the facebook in hopes that I'll know if they every get anywhere close to Stuart, Virginia.
So I can't help myself but share them...

This video is from 2011, they are older and there music has gained so much more depth.
This is also on of my all time favorite songs.

And one of my Marty Stewart ~Superlative favorites...

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