Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sucker for a Cowboy

Oh my I ever a sucker for a cowboy.
My cowboy at least...
Well as you can tell he's mess.
He has been asking for a vest and chaps since we took our trip to Tweetsie Railroad. I put him off and told him Mama could make those they where way too expensive. I thought he'd lose that idea in a day or too.
I honestly thought I could pick up a pattern and make some out of some faux leather material I had my eye on for another project and we would both be happy and I would still come out to the good. Except for the fact I can find all kind of cowgirl costume patterns but not cowboys. 
and no...
I haven't looked very hard.
and yes..
I could figure it out without a pattern,
We hit Mt. Airy for our favorite consignment shops and what did we find but a nice button-up shirt 
(he really likes button-up shirts)
and this brown little vest. Oh, he was so happy. Proud even, I really thought I'd got this one covered for a few dollars. 
We made our purchase and out the door we went; when he said,
" Mama, don't forget I need those other things."
Well...long story short..
There he is my favorite cowboy with his real cowboy hat he got at Christmas
( he had faithfully wore a toy version from Walmart for two years...everywhere)
and his vintage outfit.


  1. Awh he looks so proud and rightly so! I can't recall the last time I've seen him without his cowboy hat. I have not doubt you will eventually find or make the chaps.


  2. What a little man :) you have yourself a pretty handsome cowboy.

  3. So cute - love the photos! You won a free product coupon on my blog. Can you email me your info so I can get it to you :)