Monday, March 11, 2013

Telling My Life with a Song

This is another Monday Music Moves me Blog Hop. 
It's a fun one. I'll have to warn you; I'm a mixed bag when it comes to the music. I was a child through the seventies, hit my teens through the big hair eighties, spent many a evening at a church revival where my Mama and Daddy most always would telling the gospel through a simple guitar and lyrics, and I'm most certain I'm more backwood country than you could ever stand to really know.
Let me see if I can round up a song or two to tell my story.

With my Daddy being a Bible toting truck driver I'm going to start you out with one that was most likely his song. I can't share him and Mama doing this song, which is the way my ear always hears it no matter which artist is sing it.

I'm Using My Bible for a Roadmap..

Mama's simple singing and love of minor chords always made this a favorite for me.

Unseen Hand

Seven Bridges Road is my all time southern rock favorites. Makes me think about the old camaro and a dirt road.

Didn't ever girl want to be Joan Jett...I sure did...

The best concert I ever went to was down in Rockingham, North Carolina. It was about a seven band outdoor concert; my favorite of course was Metallica. One absolutely crazy night finishing out with the worst thunderstorm I had ever seen but Wow...what a scene! It was such a fantastic mix Metallica just tearing it up all while lightening crashed to the ground. I did question in my mind if God was getting ready to take us all out.
So here's my favorite Metallica song Whiskey in the Jar. I have strangely thought this would make a most driving bluegrass song.

Wow!!How many song will it take to tell my story. Looking at this list I'm starting to feel kinda old. I'm going to finish this whole thing off with what I think is the most all time rocking bluegrass song ever.
Did you really think you could get out of all this without hearing more bluegrass?
Del McCoury's Vincent Blacklighting makes me visualize my old man on his Chopper and is the only time I ever thought I'd like to be a redhead.

Okay where's this ride going to end? Well....I don't know. I guess I should have included some song from Little Mermaid or Lightening McQueen but I didn't ya'll all know I'm a Mama several times over
so let's just chill out with some Kenny Chesney and I'll love ya...Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Love this glimpse into your world. That concert sounds like a night to remember!

    1. Oh my, that concert was crazy..really, so crazy I wasn't sure if I was at the best concert ever or if God was getting ready to strike us all dead. LOL.

  2. I've always loved "I'm Using My Bible for a Roadmap".

    Wow, I hadn't heard "Unseen Hand" in a long time.

    I do hear them in Mama and Daddy's voice too.

    Camaros, dirt roads, Joan Jett, and Metallica (hmmm there's some flashbacks).

    And "Vincent Blacklighting". Pretty usually throw one in that I've not heard.

    I do like some Chesney too.

    Thanks for the ya!

    1. Yeah, I'm sure you had some flashbacks too. Please do not tell. Haha..

  3. Oh yes, I think I could have been Joan Jett! lol
    I have not heard most of your songs but do love the musical memories they brought out for you.

  4. Backwood country? Girl, I'm not goin' to go there :), and you called me an old rocker eeeee haaaa I'd rather be on your side of the fence move over & let this old rocker get to foot stompin' wit y'all! :) You know I'm only teasin' ya! Thanks for sharing your colorful musical background with us all. I kinda like it! Come on anybody that loves Chesney can't be all bad! Have a rockin' week & thanks for joinin' us! Y'all come back now.... HERE!

    1. LOL...This was a fun one. I know you're rocker but I did pick up on the HeeHaw...haha.

  5. Hi! I found you from the blog hop and glad I did! Looking forward to reading through your blog!

    1. Thanks so much. I'm glad to meet ya.

  6. Great tunes - Haven't heard "Whiskey In The Jar" for ages. Thanks for sharing & Happy Music Monday

    1. I don't think I dislike any thing they do but this is just my favorite.

  7. Thank you for sharing your story and music.
    My hubs loves Metallica.

    And I've found some new tunes.

    Thanks for rocking!