Monday, March 25, 2013

Fading into Bluegrass~Monday Music Moves Me

Here it is again, another Monday Music Moves Me Blog Hop!
I've let myself be confined due lately. Between weather and work I really haven't had much bloggy wonderfulness going on but I have come to look forward to Mondays and hopping around and hearing the different ways people express themselves and find joy through music.
Today, the theme is the blues but and I don't feel like getting completely blue maybe just a little grey. 
If you've hopped by here before you know you might hear about anything, so today will be no exception. In some past post you know I might rock it up or chill out with some great bluegrass. 
Let's do both...
My first on the list for today is "The Unforgiven" a tribute to Metallica by the bluegrass band 
Iron Horse

Number 2: Nothing Else Matters~Iron Horse

Number 3: Cocaine~Pickin On Series. 
Who doesn't love Eric Clapton? Well we like his song on the bluegrass side too.
I have always liked this song but by no means am I try to promote or even lighten drug abuse.

Number 4: Statesboro Blues~Tribute to the Allman Brothers

Well I say...the sun has peeked through this snowy/icy Monday so let get alittle bluer...

Did ya make it all the way to the end of this post?
Oh my..ya might be fading into bluegrass....
Are you trying to figure out how ya got here?

Ya'll come back now ..ya hear!


  1. Oh my gosh, I never heard any of these, but fabulous I must say! Thanks for the introduction, and I never knew Bugs Bunny could square dance! LMAO... That's totally fantastic LMAO!!! IF THERE WAS A PRIZE HERE FOR TODAY YOU WOULD GET IT! HAHAHAHAHA LOVE IT - GREAT JOB! Thanks for joining us today! Have a rockin' week! YOU DEFINITELY ROCK!

    1. Ha! I wasn't sure how many would make it to the end of the post.This Monday Hop is turned into a Friday fun.

  2. Loving the Bugs Bunny square dance - Great choices this week - Happy Music Monday x

    1. Bugs is my all time favorite.

    2. He is one of a few things which can be called Legendary.

  3. first time hearing but I quite enjoyed them thanks for sharing

    Absolutely loved the Bugs Bunny vid LOL

    Have a bunnytastic week ;-)

  4. Thank you for sharing your tunes with us.
    The kids especially LOVED the bugz bunny one! With requests for replays :)

    Have a blessed week!

  5. 'just a little grey' that does it for me too. It's fun how the beat changes on Nothing Else Matters to something jolly. Love the Bugs Bunny song.

  6. Thank you so much for these selections; I LOVE bluegrass, and must go back to listen to more of these bluegrass covers :)