Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Martha White Flour Power Hour

I was listening to the radio yesterday while doing the dishes and the started talking up a local bluegrass show that would be coming up real soon. One of the feature artist was Rhonda Vincent
Anyone familiar with Rhonda Vincent knows she is fairly famous for the Martha White Theme Song but she doesn't only sing about it she cooks with it too. She 's going to be doing some baking with
Cookin' with Paul; a locally famous chef . 
All this talking about Martha White got me thinking that whole lot of folks don't really understand just how good Martha White flour is but even less know how they have supported bluegrass and country music through the years.
I will say for sure I cook with Martha White. There was a time I might pick up whatever flours were on sale but my oldest daughter made a science project based on self-rising flour.
She tested Great Value, Pillsbury, and Martha White self-rising flour. I will be honest in saying at the time I didn't think there would be a great difference but I was so wrong. 
The Great Value was just pitiful. It didn't rise and the color was so unappealing. 
The Pillsbury rose almost twice as high as the GV Brand; the color was nice and attractive.
When we baked that Martha White it rose even higher and was such a beautiful color and texture 
that I refuse to purchase other brands. Now I'm not an expert but I was convinced.

Everyone by now, knows what a bluegrass fan I am so I was familiar with the theme song. I've had fun  with it too through the years. I actually worked with a very sweet, older lady named Martha White and to pick at her I decided to learn the song and I would sing it to her in some crazy fashion or another. She would just laugh and giggle. 
Since I've gained so much pleasure from it I thought surely someone else would get a rise( I say hot-rise that is)out of it too.

Now that's 
Southern Direction.
Thanks for the visit!

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