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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Death of the Refrigerator

Well it happened. Yesterday our refrigerator died. This is a bitter sweet turn of events for me. We went through this tragedy about two years ago and if you've every had it happen to you; you know you have a mess on your hands.
This picture will probably make you wonder why the thing hadn't quit working before now. The refridgerator we had before was a Frigidaire. We had bought it new but it must have been the dud. That's when this old Montgomery Ward model became our stand in. We were glad when my brother offered it because we were really caught off guard. But oh...was it ugly. I don't think Montgomery Ward has been in business for at least 20 years. It was beige and rust color but it did work and should have been a temporary fix. But I had a hard time looking at it. So I painted it. I bought a can of chalkboard paint and went to work on it.
My husband thought it I was nuts but it became one of my best conversation pieces and all the kids loved it no matter if they were a toddler of a teen. If you needed to leave a message it was perfect. Montgomery was host to the most amazing artwork. It was hard for almost anybody to walk past and not jot something down. I think I became the favorite aunt just because the children liked to write on that refrigerator. It was so well used that I repainted the doors twice but now and era has ended. Yes, Montgomery died. He's also been replaced with a new, sleek, black Frigidaire.
Oh well, out with the with the new.
I wonder how many of you call a refrigerator a frigidaire? My grandpa did. It didn't matter what brand name it was. Somtimes I still do. What about you? Is it just southern slang? 
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Have a Blessed Day.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunny Sunday

I am so thankful for the sunny day. I captured some pictures of my sunflowers to share with you. I hear folks in other parts of the country praying for rain and I pray they get some too. Here in Stuart we have had rain everyday. I can't remember a day in a least a month we haven't got rain. I managed to mow yesterday but the grass was wet. The grass was wet last week when I mowed; so you know my yard looks horrible. I have considered trying to mow twice a week but with the high cost of gas I don't think so. If it every dries I will surely have a rake in my hand. We'll just be thankful for what the good Lord gives us and enjoy this wonderful day.