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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Scarecrow Saturday

Yes, We've finally got our ole friend out for the season. This has been our project for today.
Here's what we started with.
My old bibs, flannel shirt, and my hat I thought
I had to have but have never worn.
Okay....Let's wear it.
I'm terribly cheap and hate to waste money if I have something
that can work but I did purchase some burlap for the head.
Last year we used an ole panty hose for the head.
I think the burlap will work a little better.
We tied knots in the legs of the pants and arm of the shirt.
We've decided to stuff it with pine cones. I know that sounds
a little crazy but last year we stuffed with straw and when it
rained everything was really slouchy. This time we'll be stiff
and sticky.
We also just safety pinned most of everything together. We thought he'd
be on a stick but it didn't work out so we used a cinder block and set him
on a stump.
All in all, we liked the way he turned out. Jack parked his John Deere
wagon with some corn stalks and a pumpkin next to him. Now the only
thing to figure out is what's his name. Jack wanted him to be called
Jack. Alisha wanted her to be called Becky. I keep calling him Fred
since that was his name last year.
Fred was a little on the skinny side.
He's put on a little weight this year.
Jud don't know what to think.
There you go, one more do-it yourself,
go by the seat of your pants
Saturday Scarecrow Project.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Death of the Refrigerator

Well it happened. Yesterday our refrigerator died. This is a bitter sweet turn of events for me. We went through this tragedy about two years ago and if you've every had it happen to you; you know you have a mess on your hands.
This picture will probably make you wonder why the thing hadn't quit working before now. The refridgerator we had before was a Frigidaire. We had bought it new but it must have been the dud. That's when this old Montgomery Ward model became our stand in. We were glad when my brother offered it because we were really caught off guard. But oh...was it ugly. I don't think Montgomery Ward has been in business for at least 20 years. It was beige and rust color but it did work and should have been a temporary fix. But I had a hard time looking at it. So I painted it. I bought a can of chalkboard paint and went to work on it.
My husband thought it I was nuts but it became one of my best conversation pieces and all the kids loved it no matter if they were a toddler of a teen. If you needed to leave a message it was perfect. Montgomery was host to the most amazing artwork. It was hard for almost anybody to walk past and not jot something down. I think I became the favorite aunt just because the children liked to write on that refrigerator. It was so well used that I repainted the doors twice but now and era has ended. Yes, Montgomery died. He's also been replaced with a new, sleek, black Frigidaire.
Oh well, out with the with the new.
I wonder how many of you call a refrigerator a frigidaire? My grandpa did. It didn't matter what brand name it was. Somtimes I still do. What about you? Is it just southern slang? 
Thanks for stopping by Southern Direction!
Have a Blessed Day.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back to School

That's right! This is the kids first day of the new school year. I dearly love spending time with my children but I am so ready to get back to some sort of routine. I am also ready for them to get back to a routine. I am also looking forward to have time to drag out crafty thing and work on projects that I've been putting off. I will also be enjoying sleep. I work the night shift so when everyone is home sleep comes seldom. I am positive that they where very glad to get back to school too. After all, school is where everything happens. Their friends, sports, clubs, dances, plays,etc. I wish I had taken a picture to share with you but I forgot. Sorry.. besides I had one nice dressed boy, one daughter in nice shorts and cute new Tshirt but crazy girl was rocking one crazy outfit. I would have preferred a change of clothes for her but if you are a parent of teenagers you have probably learned a very important rule by now......pick your battles.

With all that said, everything is wonderful and it looks like we are going to enjoy another sunny day. WhooHooo....thank ya Lord for the sun. I hope the sun is shining on you where ever you are. Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Meet My Characters

This is Jud our goat.
Ain't he handsome.
He thinks so too.
His eyes look blue in these picture
 but that just my lack of photography

Here's our hens, Lottie, Dottie, Lorretta,
and Bertha.

You can see they are full of mischief.

Petey our dog.
He thinks he's a prince.
This is Diesel;
Petey's trusty sidekick.
Here's all the kids.
This picture is a little old but with some in
school and others running in so many
directions, this is the last one I've had without
someone missing.