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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mater Sandwhich and a Cold Drink

tomatoes in the window
True Southern Comfort

Here is my reward for my yard work complete. Nothing is better or more southern than a tomato sandwhich and the beer is just a hankering I have after mowing. I know what you southerners are saying as you look at the pictures of my sandwhich your saying to yourself. Did she really toast that bread and is that really Dukes mayonaise. Yes, I toast my bread just slightly because my tomatoes are so juicy I can't manage to eat it. No, it isn't Dukes. It's Kraft with olive oil. Please forgive me. I also like my sandwhich heavy on the pepper and alittle bit of garlic salt. It was so good and juicy that when my napkin turned to a piece of goo my dog quickly ran up and ate the whole napkin. No matter where you live if you want to feel a little southern slice up a tomatoe and give yourself a real blessing. As always thanks for stopping by.