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Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy Face

Country kids loving Country Cookin'!
Turkey Dumplin' Casserole

Oh yes...enjoying the day with the kids and just kickin' back!
The weather channel is predicting cold and snowy days as the week rolls on.
The kids haven't truly been on regular schedule, yet!
We're making the best of our time.
How 'bout you?


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Good Neighbor Finale

Just a quick little post to Thanks Everyone who participated in 
the Good Neighbor Hop.
I had a lot of fun with this and I met several great people. 

Southern Direction

Our Late Bloom Feature goes to
Country Road Abode~Thankfulness in my Living Room
It was a very thankful and sweet post.

Southern Direction

My favorite post and choice for feature spot goes to
Cheese Acre Farm for their Southern Pecan Pie
Anyone who knows me know I Love a Pecan Pie.

Thanks again for all who joined us!
The Christmas Countdown is on!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Autumn Creek Vineyard

What beauty surrounds this hidden treasure. Autumn Creek Vineyard is nestled in between woodland and tobacco farms. I'm becoming surprised at the vineyards that are popping up all through our region. It's a wonderful transformation with big tobacco on the way out, the grapevines are glad to fill that void.

We're getting ready to check out the tasting room. We're already hearing some fairly laid back music.That's the best way I would describe our experience, comfort and class.

Beautiful wood, huge stone fireplace, soft leather furniture, picture window, and absolutely, good wine, surely that's enough to get your attention. Even the ladies room is above expectation, not only is it supplied with fancy soaps, lotion, an apple crate full of toilet tissue, they even thought to have complementary hairspray. I'm impressed!We chose a $9.00 tasting that was waived after we purchased a bottle.                               I'm not sure that is policy but it was a nice complement.
There is a wedding schedule today around 5:00. We're going to enjoy ourselves quietly and be on our way. The decorations and setting will definitely be a note for me and my sis considering we both have children that might be nearing wonderful bliss.
I think the girls in the wedding party are gathering under the umbrellas.
We decided to take a walk about.
Did I say..blessed?!
There's more places to sit and sip.
Here comes a beautiful, young girl in a white wedding dress and cowgirl boots.
She's not nearly a redneck but I think we'll take one good
and get out of here.
I've been blessed.
Here's a link.
I hope you are blessed too.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mater Sandwhich and a Cold Drink

tomatoes in the window
True Southern Comfort

Here is my reward for my yard work complete. Nothing is better or more southern than a tomato sandwhich and the beer is just a hankering I have after mowing. I know what you southerners are saying as you look at the pictures of my sandwhich your saying to yourself. Did she really toast that bread and is that really Dukes mayonaise. Yes, I toast my bread just slightly because my tomatoes are so juicy I can't manage to eat it. No, it isn't Dukes. It's Kraft with olive oil. Please forgive me. I also like my sandwhich heavy on the pepper and alittle bit of garlic salt. It was so good and juicy that when my napkin turned to a piece of goo my dog quickly ran up and ate the whole napkin. No matter where you live if you want to feel a little southern slice up a tomatoe and give yourself a real blessing. As always thanks for stopping by.