Friday, September 18, 2015

Prim Black Cat

Good mornin & a fantastic Friday to y'all!

I'm probably making one of the laziest post I've ever done. Truth is I've been pretty lazy altogether when it's comes to my blogging lately.

I thought I'd share a picture of my crazy crafting I did yesterday.
LOL. .I'm posting while trying to get my steps in. .I know I'm probably not the only one who has fitbit struggles. I've thought several times to do a rant about what I think about fitbit but I try to not be negative but I get kinda nasty when I think I'm starving. ..we'll maybe talk about that at another time.

Directions for my Prim Cat go something like this:
1. Get a piece of black fabric and lay it doubled.
2. Draw a cat with a silver sharpie and cut it out just outside your drawn lines.
3. Sew along your lines leaving enough opening to stuff your cat.
4. Start stuffing. I'm very cheap so I stuffed mine with my leftover fabric. When you think you've stuffed him enough stuff alittle more.
5. Sew your opening closed.
6. Make him some X's for eyes.
Voila! You're done!
p.s. mine is good and lumpy. That's the beauty of primitive style anything imperfections is perfection.
Thanks for stopping by for a visit.
Be Blessed


  1. Oh Iove it! I think this is a sewing project I could handle. I think it would look really cool with some neat printed fabric too.

    And oh Fitbit.....a love/hate relationship. I actually haven't used it in weeks because I lost the little wifi connector thing, and so I can't even see how many steps I've taken. Plus, it's hard to get steps in when you are just home all day.

    1. Thanks Leslie. LOL...this is a project anyone could basically do. It's very elementary. I think it could look total cool with some printed fabric. Really just anything that strikes you could work.

      As far as the Fitbit, I haven't actually purchased one yet. My sister has one and my husband got all excited about the app and wants one really bad but he's been tracking his steps with GPS on his phone and it all syncs up. They made me jealous so I wanted to get in on it but where I live and work is virtually the boonies, very little cellphone signal hit and miss GPS. I don't know if I'm willing to pay for a device if I don't even know if it will really work. I have been tracking my steps with the WalkLogger App which doesn't require a GPS. I'm sure I could get more benefit if I was all the way in but..we'll see.

      Thanks again for dropping by. Have a great weekend!