Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Farmer's Market Sign-DIY

Good Mornin'!
Hello to all those out there in blog-land!
Here in Virginia this morning it is a chilly Spring morning; the kind that makes you nervous for all the plants and trees budded out. Freezing temperatures have got me moving and covering up plants I had put out a few weeks earlier when it was warm like a nice summer day. One ole fellow in the community referred to it as Dogwood Winter. I had never heard of that saying but it sounded neat to me so I wanted to share it with ya'll.

For some time now, I have been hankering for one of those beat up old country type signs that are so popular in Farmhouse and Country Decorating.
 So this morning I have my Farmer's Market Sign to share with you.

I started out with this slab of wood I brought home from work the other day. 
It was wide but thin and it being so light weighted it would be easy to hand it. 
It was good and rough as well which made for less distressing.

Yesterday, I gave it a swipe or two of white paint I had left over from painting my kitchen cabinets. 
The rough, porous wood soaked it up quite well.

I used a stencil I already had. 
I don't have a had for doing lettering so some kind of aid is a must for me.
A sharpie worked fine for me.

The Ole Man may cringe when he sees I screwed it right up with a couple of black screws I had in the junk drawer but I thought they added to the utilitarian look of it all.
I hope you enjoyed this project
you are inspired to make one of your own.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit.
Be Blessed!


  1. Oh I love it!!! I hope to eventually get around to "decorations" in the new place. I planted all kinds of stuff last weekend and have many more transplants in pots from the old place. We had to cover them last night. I do hope they make it!

    1. Oh my goodness, I hope they do too! It has been so cold again..ugg..I started to come down and see ya Saturday but I figured you had been so busy with everything that you probably just needed to be. I still have a ton of fabric and you know I love nothing more than messing and DIYing. Lol..I started a pinterest board for Alisha's apartment I almost started one for all those extra doors you have. I think it's fun for me to just think of all the possibilities. Love ya!