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Monday, August 13, 2012

Salt Lick Love

Jud and his salt block
Wow..I've never seen him so wild-eyed

Jealousy #1 and #2
Jealousy #3

Oh my! We decided to pick up a salt block for Jud yesterday. He has gone crazy for it. Petey and Diesel wanted to give it a try but one lick on that block was enough for them and you know it... the girls won't be left out. These are undoubtedly the most curious animals around.

I was going to be educational and post some dietary needs but after researching what is on-line about goat diets I was afraid I would scare you off from even having a goat at all. I have no formal training on animals I do what my Daddy did and what Papa would do when it comes to caring for my animals. I also take the perspective  a little like raising children. If I waited until I had learned all the facts, I still be waiting to have either. I think mostly good common sense will lead you in a right direction.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Meet My Characters

This is Jud our goat.
Ain't he handsome.
He thinks so too.
His eyes look blue in these picture
 but that just my lack of photography

Here's our hens, Lottie, Dottie, Lorretta,
and Bertha.

You can see they are full of mischief.

Petey our dog.
He thinks he's a prince.
This is Diesel;
Petey's trusty sidekick.
Here's all the kids.
This picture is a little old but with some in
school and others running in so many
directions, this is the last one I've had without
someone missing.