Monday, August 13, 2012

Salt Lick Love

Jud and his salt block
Wow..I've never seen him so wild-eyed

Jealousy #1 and #2
Jealousy #3

Oh my! We decided to pick up a salt block for Jud yesterday. He has gone crazy for it. Petey and Diesel wanted to give it a try but one lick on that block was enough for them and you know it... the girls won't be left out. These are undoubtedly the most curious animals around.

I was going to be educational and post some dietary needs but after researching what is on-line about goat diets I was afraid I would scare you off from even having a goat at all. I have no formal training on animals I do what my Daddy did and what Papa would do when it comes to caring for my animals. I also take the perspective  a little like raising children. If I waited until I had learned all the facts, I still be waiting to have either. I think mostly good common sense will lead you in a right direction.

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