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Monday, October 28, 2013

Our Monster Mash Food

I thought I'd share the foods we served-up at our 
Monster Mash Party.
Witch Fingers
How yummy...
Jump over to Summers Acres and grab my sister recipe.
Hawaiian Eyeball Punch
When Jessca from A Million Moments shared this recipe 
I knew this one was the one for us.

put a new twist to an old favorite.

I also made up a batch of
We also served up the usual
and for us older bunch a
good cup of coffee 
to wash these sweets down.

Not complicated all fun.
Thanks for stopping by to check out our treats.
Be Blessed!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Jack and All His Friends

Well...No Silly!
Not my Jack,

We've been getting a little more DIY going on around here.
Isn't it great when it's simple and cheap.
Wash-up & de-label some empty soda bottles
get you spray paint out.
Didn't I tell you I am no artist?
My first one I used way to heavy a hand.
After him, I sprayed much lighter and some I used a permanent marker on.
Yes, we stuck some here there....and everywhere.

I was out of bottles and we still wanted more,
so an old Maxwell House coffee jug work out.
Here's looking at ya!
Be Blessed!