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Monday, October 28, 2013

Take a Hay Ride~Monday Music Moves Me

It's Monday!
This is another 
Monday Music Moves Me.
It seems like everyone around here has got take a hayride
but me.
I'm positive if there was hay to get up they'd been here to pick me up 
but since that hasn't happened I'm taking my own kind of hayride.

Well...Come On! You're invited too.


Let's ride on by the Opry and  see what's going on down there.
Listen to ole Flatt & can't do nothin' with 'em boys.

You must be careful on a hayride. You don't want to fall into 
A Ring of Fire

Then ya might end up in Jackson


Oh my...Archie's up to his tales.

Ho!.!  Get outta way Dan Tucker  this wagons rollin'

I thankin' somebody been drankin'
Mountain Dew 
and maybe some
White Lightening


Thanks for taking this ride with me 
but I've got to dance on outta here.