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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Parade 2013

Not a lot of words but a few pictures to share from the 
2013 Patrick County Christmas Parade.
Small town parade at it's best!

          Bowling Ball & Pin

Your in Redneck Heaven!
Every boy...get your girl..get the 4 wheeler.

We do a lot of Jesus loving around here!

The Patrick County Band is my highlight.

There's my girl!!


Look at me...not...

Well that's all folks.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Bob White Covered Bridge in Woolwine

Bob White Covered Bride in Woolwine is one more reason Patrick County, 
Virginia is a wonder place to live. 

The Bob White Covered Bridge was constructed by Walter G. Weaver of Woolwine, named for the former Bob White Post Office which in turn was named after the bobwhite quails that inhabit the area. It served as an access route to the Smith River Church of the Brethren, located on the south side of the river. The bridge was bypassed to the west with a concrete bridge in 1981. Although closed to motor traffic, the Bob White Covered Bridge still attracts numerous visitors. The bridge is the site of annual horse-drawn wagon rides as part of the Patrick County Covered Bridge Festival which is held every June.

I also have a whole mess of pictures I took from around  the bridge. 
Old houses, leaning shacks, rusty old cars peaking through;
yes this is the south too.

I'm also excited about the 3rd Annual Covered Bridge Run that is happening 
June 15th. I'm hoping to get in on it this year. This should be very fun since the run begins at 
the Jack's Creek Covered Bridge that is also in Woolwine and end at the Bob White Covered Bridge.
Raising money for a good cause, visiting not one but two covered bridges, experiencing beautiful landscape that Woolwine has to offer just all seems like a win, win to me.
Thank you for stopping by for a visit.
Here's a link in case you too are interested in a 5k Run/Walk like this:

Friday, September 14, 2012

Here We Go to Nancy's

It's is almost impossible for me to go up the mountain without stopping and taking in the views. I never, never get tired of it. I thought you might enjoy some of the pictures on the way to Nancy's Candy Company.

Of course, the graffiti.
Do you really have to deface God's handy work to prove your love or that you were here?
Watch your step!
It's a steep trail.

Fog is hanging over Stuart.

Let's stop and get a bottle of pop before we head back down the mountain.

Starting to look like Autumn

What a wonderful way to spend a day!
Have a blessed day and thanks for stopping by
Southern Direction.