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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Country Christmas 2016

Hey ya'll!
I wanted to wish all of you a wonderful holiday season; 
one filled with family, friends, and plenty of home joys.
I hope your wreathes are hung. 
It could be you're like me and have a "wreath addiction."
Jack made this one. He makes me happy when he wishes and asked to go to the woods with me. We just make them simple. Those are the ones I seem to prefer.
I'm keeping a a little Pioneer Woman love going with this beautiful Christmas tablecloth.
I'm never quite through until Christmas. I'll see some spot, I think needs one then I slip down in the woods to make them. I may be done at this point seeing as it's looking like quite the rainy day.
The Ole Man got me excited when he left out for work. He popped his head back in to tell me it was spitting snow. 
It was!
But it quickly turned to rain.
 I'm proud of this little plant here. The Ole Man gets me a poinsettia every year. Some years, they are more resilient than others. This one survived the the winter and the summer. When Autumn set in the leaves started turning the brilliant red. It's not full blown red but it's quite beautiful. I let a cold snap freeze out a little portion. Oops!
I added the rhododendron and a little this and that to disguise the zapped part.
  Here's ole St. Nick peeping out from one from this year. It's very red.

We put the fish in a big old pickle jar. We thought they needed some Christmas, too.

I couldn't help but make another country apron for the season.
I think this has lead me to the end of my post.
 It's Christmas Eve!
Jack & I have cookies to bake.

Merry Christmas!
Be Blessed!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas In Virginia~Monday Music Moves Me

Merry Monday Morning!
Christmas time will soon be arriving 
 I'm looking forward  to friends and family.
We do Christmas Virginia-style around here
 hope you enjoy these songs as much as much as I do.


Put those Smiles on cause...


Let it be Christmas...everywhere!


About the only thing on my little boys mind this year is toy trains.


A Christmas Carol....


Nothing sounds so sweet to my ear at Christmas as 
"Beautiful Star of Bethlehem."
I love it best sung by my Mama but the simplicity that 
Heather Berry-Mabe brings the song is pretty close.


Go Tell It On The Mountain that Jesus Christ is Born!

Wishing all the Bah Humbugs away...Replaced with all the Joys.


Be Blessed!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Parade 2013

Not a lot of words but a few pictures to share from the 
2013 Patrick County Christmas Parade.
Small town parade at it's best!

          Bowling Ball & Pin

Your in Redneck Heaven!
Every boy...get your girl..get the 4 wheeler.

We do a lot of Jesus loving around here!

The Patrick County Band is my highlight.

There's my girl!!


Look at me...not...

Well that's all folks.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Because of Christmas Day~Monday Music Moves Me

Merry Christmas!
Monday Music Moves Me Monday!





Be Blessed!