Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunny Sunday

I am so thankful for the sunny day. I captured some pictures of my sunflowers to share with you. I hear folks in other parts of the country praying for rain and I pray they get some too. Here in Stuart we have had rain everyday. I can't remember a day in a least a month we haven't got rain. I managed to mow yesterday but the grass was wet. The grass was wet last week when I mowed; so you know my yard looks horrible. I have considered trying to mow twice a week but with the high cost of gas I don't think so. If it every dries I will surely have a rake in my hand. We'll just be thankful for what the good Lord gives us and enjoy this wonderful day.

Hummingbird Attraction

My usual Sunday morning ritual is sitting on the front porch with a good cup of coffee and my Bible in my lap. I love the morning air and the variety of birds that dart from limb to limb of the trees and shrubs. I have been especially entertained by the little humming birds that enjoy the rose of sharon bush at the corner of the house. Last Sunday I was a little put back at how amazed they were with me. I was sitting very still watching him when he decided to come very close to my face and give me a look. I also had a fear he might drill my head. Either way it was unusal to me.

I am no photographer but I want to capture my little friends on photo. This will not be an easy task. They are so quick that by the time I see them and pick up the camera they've darted away. I thought I would set with camera ready and aimed and they would surely come into view....not. I sat waiting and ready until my patience ran out. I set the camera down and you now it here came not just one but two hummingbirds. The pair frolicked and zoomed; I was so taken in watching them play that you know it. I missed the picture.

Now you know my new little obsession. When I catch them with the camera I be sure and post the pic.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Hiking the DeHart Bike Trails


Map of Bike Trail

Jack, Alisha, and Petey
Pic of DeHart Park in Woolwine

Beautiful Park

This made a cool pic but we couldn't figure out
what it was.
Lots o' Obstacles


I thought I would share some pictures of the kids and I hiking the bicycle trails at DeHart Park in Woolwine. I had been thinking of cleaning up my bike at trying out some trails but I thought it best to walk them to see what I might be in for.

First let me say that if you have never been to Woolwine, Virginia it is simple beauty at it's best. DeHart Park in Woolwine is tucked in the folds of the mountain and is very nice. The park has restrooms with working water and nice tennis and basketball courts along with a good shelter for family picnics.

We took a good look at the trail map and decided on walking the shiner's trail. The trail is full of grades and obstacles that would be great for those riding bikes. A small creek with narrow a bridge was quite enjoyable for my son Jack and Petey our dog. Mountain larel is all around and wonderful moss and of course there is wildlife. We encountered a box turtle and I almost stepped on a black snake; so keep you eyes open you are in the woods.

For us this was about a 20 minute drive from the house and made it very convenient; but if you are traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway it's just a little skip of to the park. I hope you enjoyed the pictures from our day hike. I hope your inspired to take a hike in your neck of the woods and as always thanks for stopping by Southern Direction.

Have a blessed Day.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Old Home Love

Our present home

Our prior home

I am so glad to received my latest issue of Folk magazine. One article that I really connected with was Old House Love by Anne Lorys. In the article she is basically taking the reader on a tour of her quaint Victorian cottage. She goes on to explain how she and her husband came to live in this little fixer upper. She also describes her love for old imperfect homes. It was as if she was describing me!

I grew up in a small country home. My first home after leaving the house of my youth was a brand new mobile home; which is very typical for our area. Most folks start out in a mobile home of sorts and later build a house on their piece of land. Regardless I thought I had really made it. I had new appliances, new carpet, a heat pump.

 After my first marriage ended. I moved back to the house my grandmother had lived in. At one time the house was acclaimed as the Scales-Ellington plantation but by the time I had come to live there it had been through quite a bit of changes. The era of when you covered the wood floors and panelled over the old bead board had taken it's toll. The house had also been vacant for a few years before I began renting it. Thankfully the rent was cheap and I also think I received some healing for my heart being back in the house that was full of so many memories. Living in the old house was quite a chore. The plumbing was horrible, the floors were ratty, winter would work you to death just keeping heat. If snow fell it was very common for it to blow through the cracks in some of the back rooms. The old house had also become home to a variety of creature. Oh, but what a treasure on a hot summer day the big double doors open, gentle breeze that cooled the house. The huge winding stairs, the nine foot ceilings and that wonderful smell that only that house had. Not a old bad smell but the sweet smell of home. I thought I would buy it. I thought I would live there until I died.

After the owner refused to sell and realizing that we had to truly find a place of our own; we purchased the home we live in now. It too is a older home, built in the 1950's but we could already visualize  the transformation. Ten years of ups and a few downs hasn't left opportunity for too much remodeling. It's more like you fix it as it comes along. I'm sure my husband think a newer home would be great and I think the kids might wish for a more modern home. The still share this place we call home and all in all we're a blessed family in a blessed little home.

I'm inspire that there are other that share old home love just as I do but whatever home you live in I wish you well and pray that all the hearts that dwell within your walls are blessed too.

p.s. // I love this blog and the magazine is beautiful.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chickens and Hens

Chickens and Hens(plants not birds) are truely a staple if you are wanting to add country or southern style to your home. Most often you might see them planted in a pot at your grandma's home but they seem to be making a strong comeback in modern gardening too. For some reason I thought they were a house plant; but my Mama recently explained they are perinial and do quite well outside in beds. She had planted a few herself that were already mutiplying. This lead me to divide up the ones I had in a pot on the porch and make a bed of chickens and hens for myself.

I'm sort of a potluck kind of gardener. I mostly use what I have whether it's rocks from around the yard or old busted brick and block. I also decorate with things that are not common. In this bed I used a decorative chicken my daughter gave me and a busted iron skillet I found in the weeds just outside the yard. In the south, it is very common to find objects just pitched to the edge of the yard; so keep your eyes open you never know what will be there.

No time is spent in the yard without the real hens coming to check it all out. They are always most curious and very nosy. I hope you are inspired to try your own chicken and hen flower bed. I can't wait till the whole patch is covered and I can't post even more pictures.

Have a blessed day!