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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Finding Rhododendron

Hey..I hope you're have a great Wednesday.
My quest yesterday for mountain laurel left me then wanting for Rhododendron.
I think I was also in need of some solace and I usually  find that in the woods for some reason.
I did run across some tall and scraggly Rhododendron
Most of the time, you will find it in some mountainous region a whole hill or mountain side covered and the limbs and leaves will be plum to the ground. 
What I found wasn't that way but I'm assuming if I walked much further up this mountain we live at the foot of I would have come across a much more substantial find.

I saw these two yesterday when I was digging up some mountain laurel. Today before I went to the woods I looked up Rhododendron on line to see how to gather some and get it to take root. Nothing I found exactly applied to me for the simple fact all the branches are so high and I was really not seeing any evidence of new growth at the ground.

After pulling back some leaves I saw these shoots. A few of them had a small dark green leaf on them. I felt pretty sure it was baby Rhododendron. 

I took my spade and dug up not much more than a handful or two. I also snipped a few clippings from the branches with some leaves and may try to root it. 
I'm not sure it will take. They are mighty tender and sometimes things just don't do well once disturbed. 

 If it's meant to be hopefully I'll see some growth. 
Oh my word, I know it will be a lifetime before seeing any real return on this endeavor but it has been fun to see what may come of it all.
Thank you for stopping by to check in on my unconventional gardening methods.
I wish you a very
Blessed Day!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Foraging for Mountain Laurel

Hello and Good Thursday!
Here in Stuart, Virginia we are enjoying an absolutely glorious day. Yesterday, was much the same and I have to say I am ready for these warmer temperatures. 
The past week was filled with a good bit of sunshine but between the high winds and the deep drop in temperature during the night it was basically chilly. It didn't make me desire to do much outside or gardening. I'm glad today is another story.

What I've had on my mind today was Mountain Laurel. If you travel here in the mountainous south you will see it hanging over a rock wall or peeking out the side of an old country road. It's especially glorious on the Blue Ridge Parkway. 
It strikes a genuine heart-note for me. I love it! I love to see it. As a child many days was spent in it; making playhouses or playing hide-and-seek. For quite sometime, I have been wanting some of it here at the house;
mainly here, at this patch of ground between 
our driveway and the neighbors driveway.
I got a little stand of hostas started from some when my sister split hers a couple of years ago.
I was a bit stingy with it. I spread it a little thin as I put it all the way along the whole side of the driveway but it's starting to make a pretty good show of itself. 

I really want this to take on a look as if it just came along on it's on anyway. There's some rambling rose and some forsythia that blooms here as well. As it probably shows I don't really do much in the way of maintaining. At least not like a bona fide flower bed. The mountain laurel should work real nicely to help and a little more privacy and backdrop. 

Once Jack was on the bus, I finished my cup of coffee and gathered my tools to take to the woods to dig up a stash I found a few days ago.
My short(broke) handled shovel, limb snips, and my trusty maddox .
The maddox is my go to tool!

I will remind you to be sure not to gather your plants off the side of the public road or out of any of the parks.
You would stand a good chance of being fined.

Here a nice pic of Rhododendron which also grows wild here in the mountains and foothills. I wish I had found a good patch of it 
I had to go with what was here. 

It can be somewhat mistaken for each other but side-by-side pictures you can see how much smaller the leaves are.
I will say they both grow quite towering and full.
This is a small little bunch and a little scraggly
but I think it will come along.

I start my easily raking the leaves and sticks away to start to determine where the root is running. It's not really as much digging as it is pulling away the dirt. 
You wouldn't want to take a big swing or plunge right into you root and cut or break it off. 

Looks at my little find as I pulled the leaves away.
That leads me to another caution.
Do be mindful of other reptiles such as snakes before just reaching in to grab.
They really don't want any part of me and I don't want any part of them either but these are the kinds of places they like to be.

Pulling the dirt away deep enough you can see 
I've found a good strong piece of the main root. 

When I went to plant back at the house, I  dug up this old license plate from 1955.
I thought that was kind of neat so I wiped the dirt off and scrooched it in here with one of the plantings.

I do hope the next year or to I can share some pictures of my  little bank filled with blooms of roses and mountain laurel.

I also want to thank you for stopping by for a look at my cheap and come along gardening style.

Be Blessed!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Good Mornin' Neighbors!
I'm excited to kick-off week number 2  of the Good Neighbor Blog Hop.
We'll be doing this hop through the month of  November.
This hop is also open the entire week. A good neighbor is welcome anytime.

I want to thank everyone that participated in last weeks Hop. I enjoyed all the posts over a hot cup of coffee. I enjoyed every helpful hint, delicious recipe, and the wonderful pictures of your
 family and lifestyle. 

Our Late Bloom Post  goes to 
The Rural Economist for the post Gardening Notebook Review and Giveaway.
Southern Direction
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chickens and Hens

Chickens and Hens(plants not birds) are truely a staple if you are wanting to add country or southern style to your home. Most often you might see them planted in a pot at your grandma's home but they seem to be making a strong comeback in modern gardening too. For some reason I thought they were a house plant; but my Mama recently explained they are perinial and do quite well outside in beds. She had planted a few herself that were already mutiplying. This lead me to divide up the ones I had in a pot on the porch and make a bed of chickens and hens for myself.

I'm sort of a potluck kind of gardener. I mostly use what I have whether it's rocks from around the yard or old busted brick and block. I also decorate with things that are not common. In this bed I used a decorative chicken my daughter gave me and a busted iron skillet I found in the weeds just outside the yard. In the south, it is very common to find objects just pitched to the edge of the yard; so keep your eyes open you never know what will be there.

No time is spent in the yard without the real hens coming to check it all out. They are always most curious and very nosy. I hope you are inspired to try your own chicken and hen flower bed. I can't wait till the whole patch is covered and I can't post even more pictures.

Have a blessed day! 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sharing Iris'

My Mama's bed of iris' had multiplied themselves until they were pushing the root to the top of the dirt. I was glad to take her extra bulbs.
I've got my mattock in hand and I'm ready to find a place to dig up some new ground.

Think, think, think....where do we want to plant.
I've decided to add to an existing bed.

Dig about a 6 inch hole to place the root in; then cover and pat down.

I love flowers and don't believe there's anything that adds to a home the way flowers and shrubs will. If you are not careful you can tie up alot of money in plants. That's why sharing bulbs and seeds from existing beds with friends and family is a great way to beautify your home. I prefer informal flower beds. I often use rocks or old brick as borders around beds and alot of the times I won't even put a border.

I'll be looking forward to next spring to see these deep blue and yellow iris. I hope you find a special person to share your plants and I know you'll recieve a double blessing. As always thanks for looking in on Southern Direction. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Simply Southern

Our home
Pic from the Porch
Front pic of the house

One more posie pic

I've posted a few pictures from around my home. I want to give you an idea of the style of life we live. Our home sits at the bottom of Carter Mountain. This isn't a particularly known mountain and the only access is basic dirt road that turns into more of a path the further up the mountain you go. The house has three bedrooms and one bath. The yard is not quite a full acre.

My style of living is simple country. I prefer things to have a purpose. I enjoy gardening whether it is roses, pansies, tomatoes, or okra. I have tendency to plant in small patches due to the soil being rather poor on the property. I do complost to build the quality but that is a slow process. I would love to bring in truck loads of soil but that is a costly endeavor. I usually work with what I've got.

I've seen alot of beautiful places in this United States but nothing makes me feel like home as when I start to see that Blue Ridge Mountain range come into view and the sweet smell of honeysuckles and the sent of tobacco cured in the barn.

I've enjoyed other bloggers views of their homes and their ways of living so I thought making sort of a diary of my own would be a great way of sharing the blessings bestowed on me. I wish to inspire you to count your own blessings, love your life, and to work with what you've got.

As always thanks for stopping by Southern Direction.