Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hummingbird Attraction

My usual Sunday morning ritual is sitting on the front porch with a good cup of coffee and my Bible in my lap. I love the morning air and the variety of birds that dart from limb to limb of the trees and shrubs. I have been especially entertained by the little humming birds that enjoy the rose of sharon bush at the corner of the house. Last Sunday I was a little put back at how amazed they were with me. I was sitting very still watching him when he decided to come very close to my face and give me a look. I also had a fear he might drill my head. Either way it was unusal to me.

I am no photographer but I want to capture my little friends on photo. This will not be an easy task. They are so quick that by the time I see them and pick up the camera they've darted away. I thought I would set with camera ready and aimed and they would surely come into view....not. I sat waiting and ready until my patience ran out. I set the camera down and you now it here came not just one but two hummingbirds. The pair frolicked and zoomed; I was so taken in watching them play that you know it. I missed the picture.

Now you know my new little obsession. When I catch them with the camera I be sure and post the pic.

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