Monday, December 31, 2012

Sharing From the DorkDuo

This is worth the reading.
Duck and Cover with the Dork Duo--Farmageddon Documentory


Saturday, December 29, 2012

It's a Great Day for Fishin'

I started this day early like most with a cup of coffee in hand and a kiss to the old man on his way out the door another day of work beginning well before the sun has rose. After he rolled out I glanced at the calendar, that helpful reminder of the days duties. But it's the holidays and my block is empty except for that solid little black fish. 
Translation~Black fish=great day for fishing.
 But...I'm unprepared, I couldn't tell you where my pole might be, my license(what license) have expired, sleet is hitting the window and Jack is still snuggled in bed; so I've did my kind of fishing. At least as of lately, I've waded through my favorite blogs. There have been some awfully good ones that made me feel inspired or gave me a smile. 
All the sudden..
I gotta hit...
This one I couldn't throw back and I'm going to share him with you.
This guys perspective true and breathtaking.

I hope you enjoyed his post as much as I did.
Thank you for stopping by 
and as always..

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Post Christmas Post

Christmas has come and gone like a whirlwind around here. I do mean that literally. The wind has blowed like crazy and the rain has came. Thankfully the rain has went leaving at least a sunny picture from the window.
I'm not the after Christmas shopper. 
I suppose it is possible to continue eating..

  • I've caught up on some reading
  • done some after Christmas clean-up
  • checked out facebook for all cute family and friends pics
  • I got a little crafty and made my daughter a hat
  • looked at pinterest way to much
  • Jack's been working the remote so we've caught up on Phineas and Ferb, Spongebob, etc...
  • did I mention I've been trying to clean up the leftovers
Well honestly after so much wild and crazy family fun...
Here's a peek, it's starting to get crazy...

Can you tell we're not reserved?

No shortage of cute baby stuff.'s where Mrs.Hyde takes over.
An idol mind is the devils workshop....
So now we can look at those pics that have been cut. 
You know the ones, the ones you wouldn't dare put on facebook
somebody would surely put some unkind pics of you.
How many of them really blog??
Don't look Ann!!
Don't tell..
Oh, Honey..What are you and baby boy talking over?
I love the boots but they don't go with the outfit.
Don't worry about you're hair Alisha set still and let me take this picture.
Here I am pictured in my best Christmas PJ's.
Pure Pandomonium
Mama being very careful.
Wake up Daddy see what's in the bag.
Yes..I'm lovin' the new look.
Aww...I didn't think you'd notice.

Come on..give me  a KISS.

They say if you stand this way you look thin and tall.
Now this has been alot of fun.
I hope you had fun too.
If you never see another blog post by me LOOK at this picture very well.
I'm sure one of these will know what has become of me.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Is That The Old Ship of Zion

I just had to share this song. I cut the radio on this morning and this song was what was playing. It's not the same folks singing it but the meaning is. I can't tell you how many times I've heard this song sung in church. I had great ambitions of finding the perfect old ship image to accompany it but I could find any thing that was quite right. I'm assuming that's because there's nothing comparison to that 
Old Ship of Zion.
If you have come  to understand what that ship of Zion is I'm so glad. If you know what it is and haven't gotten on board...I fear for you. It won't always pass again the opportunity is so easily lost. 

I find it funny how a song or melody can ignite feelings and thoughts. When I hear this song, along with other things it also makes me think of Noah and the Ark.(what a lesson there). 
For the past year or so I have been doing and online Torah study. Mainly for a deeper understanding of  my Bible and the scriptures. I can't tell you how much deeper it has brought me. 
I love it.
I recommend it.
At first I was a little apprehensive. I thought it might rock what I believed to be true but it didn't it only has brought me closer to God. Of course the study hit on the Noah and the Ark early on and the discussion about what an ark even is. So I thought I'd share just a few thoughts on and ark that I learned. 
It might interest you too...
  • Ark is a vessel or sanctuary that serves as protection.
  • When it is used in the Bible: Noah's Ark, Ark of the Covenant, Mose's in the Bulrush Ark.
  • It is like a boat but is not a boat in the fact that it has no stern. 
This post might come across as mere rambling but here's a little more  I want to share
Matthew 24:36 & 37
But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven but my Father only.
But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

Thank you for letting me ramble.
Thank your for letting me share. 
Thank you for stopping by.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Old Mill Love/Mabry Mill

MABRY MILL is one of my favorite Patrick Country treasures.
This is no doubt on of my favorite places to just knock around. I enjoy going up on the parkway the way a teenager enjoys going to the mall.
The sun was shining like crazy here at the house so I thought it would be a great day to steal away up the mountain and work on my photo skills. Surprise, surprise I was fooled again by the time I made the quick drive, instead of sunny winter day everything had taken on a cold, winter grey.

I am going to boast that Mabry Mill is undoubtedly the most pictured mill ever.
(this is not confirmed...)
I see our beautiful mill everywhere. It's on greeting cards and calendars. I've seen it one postcards, painting, and various other artworks. Many times, it will be pictured as if it's connected with something or somewhere else but it's ours. That doesn't bother me because it's nice to know that others appreciate it's simple serenity.

Ducks on the pond
And I enjoy the different views 
of the old mill.

Here's a picture of the cabin where E.B. Mabry and his family lived.

Looks like it's time to mosey on down the road...

Sometimes window shop from this computer screen..
Sometimes I take a trip...
Thanks for tripping with me!!