Monday, March 14, 2016

Making the Sofa Slipcover

Good Monday Mornin'!
I finally tried my hand at making a slipcover for our old sofa. I have been covering our sofa for some time now. Honestly, from the time we moved from our old home to this home. When I bought this sofa I was really into a red, white and blue kind of theme and it also went well with the other house but this home's interior. Our present home has several rooms with and old gold-in-tone wallpaper. I do love the paper but it has definitely made for some changes in my color choices and sometimes it's been downright hard to match.I have also had a whole brew of kids that have piled onto the sofa along with a few dogs along the way. 
I have lusted and longed for a new sofa on different occasions but something has always come up or got in the way about the time I would have went through with a purchase of a new one. Many years, I have used a fairly inexpensive one I had bought from a big-box store and it served it's purpose but with wear and tear has gave out.
So, I have found myself joining the slipcover craze!
I truly like the look of slipcovers and find it to be a great option for me. I started out slip-covering the dining table chairs, then my husbands recliner...yes, it was worn out too. Now I've ventured to the big girl, the sofa.
For a first go of it I'm pretty pleased.

The sofa pattern before.

I have been fortunate in finding a large quantity of this beige fabric. It isn't burlap or linen but it has a very natural feel and a pretty hardy texture. I'm thinking it's going to hold up real well. It's also super cozy for sitting and t.v. watching.

I took a cheating way with these pillows. My pillows always seem to take a beating so I opted to not spend to much time on theme. I simple covered them with fabric a little larger than the pillow itself and tied knots all the way around to secure it. I can easily change them to something else when I wish.

The sofa pictured here looks a bit frumpy. I gave my self some wiggle room when I patterned out my pieces. The thing I had noticed with whatever slipcover I had used in the past was that if it was too fitted it would basically wiggle itself off  or the ones that weren't fitted ended up looking like an unmade bed.
When it was all sewn and done I'm quite satisfied with the way it turned out.

Thanks for dropping by. I wish you could sit a spell.
My best hopes for you on your projects as well.
Be Blessed!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Makin'It Pancakes with Orange Syrup and Cranberries

Good mornin!
School has been called off here due to inclement weather. LOL. .snow that we haven't seen yet. My kid thinks that means eat pancakes and watch cartoons.
I guess I do too!
He wants good ole maple syrup but I'm hooked on something else. I've come to love my pancakes with some Simple Orange Syrup and Dried Cranberries.
How do you like your pancakes lately?
I think I'm on to my new favorite cartoon quote. 
"Grits ain't groceries"
Well I don't know if that's a good quote around here because around here "Grits is groceries"

Whatever your day holds today, I wish you a well. Thanks for stopping by for some pancakes and useless rambling.
Be Blessed!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Good Day 2016

Hello Priscilla!
and Hey to you too!
It's good to see 2016. I have to say that 2015 was a bit of a rough year for me and my family, so much so that it was about all I could do to squeeze in the very few post that I did get published last year. It would be stretching it to say my blogging days have been waning. 
My youngest son Jack spent a week in Brenner's during Easter break due to a seizure like experience due to sodium. After more test than I can tell you and countless visits, the only conclusion was that he didn't have a good tolerance for sodium (Too Much Salt) Since then we've taken a hard look at our entire diet as a family and I'm happy to say we've all seen extreme benefits from ridding ourselves of most processed foods and really turning those labels around to check the sodium levels in everything; 
heads-up!..It's not the salt shaker that's doing it ...
We're in hopes that by Jack's next check-up they will be able to take him off the medicine for hypertension. 
Then on into the year towards the end of September, my older son Louis was in a horrendous  auto accident in which he spent a month in ICU. To say he's a miracle, is an understatement!  
Praise the Lord! by Thanksgiving Louis had his Jaws unwired  by mid-December he was even released to drive. No hands down-all hands up He's a walking miracle. If you are a doubter I'll have to reaffirm that Prayer Works!!
I had a very blessed Christmas; we had all the children minus one Christmas day and that was my Christmas wish. The Ole man is especially intuitive and gave me a want I've been hankering and wanting, for some time, ..a dressform. 
What Man thinks of that!!
 Well there's Priscilla now! Wearing a beautiful scarf from my daughter.
Yes..I do think Priscilla is a fitting name. 
today she got a little extra protection. 
...a little cover..

I'm looking forward to Good Days in 2016! 
I hope you are too!
Many Blessings and Well Wishes!
Thanks so much for stopping by.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas Wreaths 2015

I've been trying to get my holiday decorations up. I've said in the past, I don't flip the switch into the next holiday. I'm more of a transitional decorator.
I make my wreaths out of running cedar that I find in the woods. 

I think the best decor for anyone is looking to what is relevant to your area. It makes it personal and yours.
I hope you all are doing the little things that make this time special.

Thank you for taking a look at what's been going on around here.
Be Blessed!