Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sharing Iris'

My Mama's bed of iris' had multiplied themselves until they were pushing the root to the top of the dirt. I was glad to take her extra bulbs.
I've got my mattock in hand and I'm ready to find a place to dig up some new ground.

Think, think, think....where do we want to plant.
I've decided to add to an existing bed.

Dig about a 6 inch hole to place the root in; then cover and pat down.

I love flowers and don't believe there's anything that adds to a home the way flowers and shrubs will. If you are not careful you can tie up alot of money in plants. That's why sharing bulbs and seeds from existing beds with friends and family is a great way to beautify your home. I prefer informal flower beds. I often use rocks or old brick as borders around beds and alot of the times I won't even put a border.

I'll be looking forward to next spring to see these deep blue and yellow iris. I hope you find a special person to share your plants and I know you'll recieve a double blessing. As always thanks for looking in on Southern Direction. 

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