Thursday, January 10, 2013

$2 for 2 Scarfs

What am I doing today?
I'm making a couple of scarfs.
You can see that my work area is usually three basic places..
the floor, my bed, and the kitchen table.

The past few months me and my girls have been on a scarf craze. They are all crazy about them. I am too but usually on other people besides me. I'm on of those accessory challenged people but I've been trying to overcome some of my challenges.
I do love the look of scarfs. My biggest problem is I really didn't have but three two were ones that were my grandma's and one was one that came with a set of gloves. I also didn't know how to get them to look cute the way everyone else seemed to.
When I had chose to try and wear them I would ask my girls to show me some cute way to wear it; which usually followed by them helping me and also giving me some eye rolls.(mmm..those eye rolls)

I finally had the light come on and decided to look it up on the computer. I found the cutest video every  and  now I'm loving the scarfs. 
I also figured out that the scarfs I had weren't big enough. Grandma wore hers tide around her highly teased hair. 
So, I was on the quest for some bigger scarfs. 
Mind you I am also cheap and I just didn't won't to pay what the were priced at. I decided to look in the markdown fabric section and 
I found a beautiful Burgundy clothe; $.75 for 2 yards.
At least one of my girls is borrowing my scarf. We need more material and more scarfs. So back to the markdown fabric I go. This time the deal wasn't quite as good but it wasn't bad. 
$1 a yard ain't bad.
I laid it in the floor and cut the two yards in half.
Then I picked a stitch to sew around the edge just to make it look finished.
These are one of those times I want to kick myself for not buying a surger.
The material was thin and had a little stretch in it and got hung in my feeddogs  a couple of times. 
A little trial and era and everything worked out fine.
I can't wait to see Alisha wear hers. She has a black peacoat that it will go great with.
I can't wait to wear mine.
Now the only eye roll will be if I come out trying to wear mine the same day she wears hers.

Thanks for stopping by.
Thanks for taking a peek at my little project.
and as always
Be Blessed.

p.s. here's the link to the best little video for 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf.



  1. There does seem to be a big scarf trend this year, huh? I just couldn't pull it off with an overly large pregnant belly, but I love the idea of making matching scarves for me and my sisters!

  2. Really cute scarves!! Love the print.