Thursday, January 31, 2013

Loretta, Loretta...Where have you gone?

What a hectic couple of weeks? I have been blessed to begin a new job. But with a new job, comes new routines. The Old Man and the kids have been a bit tousled, along with our animals and me too. I got home after dark Tuesday and after putting my bag away and checking in with the family I went out to check on Judd our goat and our hens.
Judd is a big cry baby and he was hollering at me from the time my car hit the drive as only a crazed eyed billy goat will do. After he settled down I walked on down to shut the girls up for the night. I found we were missing one. 
The loss of a animal is typical if you have animals for any length of time but I have to say it has hurt my feelings a bit. I might have known Loretta would be the one to come up missing. She's like the outcast. She's the one whose always by herself while the others stay closely together. She's a bit of a loner and I'm sure Bertha has hen pecked her quite a bit. 
Has she decides to roost out somewhere other than the hen house?
Did some varmint  get her? 
Is something ready to prey on the other girls?
Did she just keep walking and not realize she had to walk back?

All I have is questions.
It's quite funny the way things will change on a person. My first thought of having chickens was for eggs and I was going to put some in the pot. Instead they have taken their place just as a family member and here I am typing up a whole post on my missing Loretta.

I wish you a very blessed day 
and thank you for stopping by for a visit.


  1. Oh no, I hate that. I know your girls have become like pets. Oh, by the way we will be getting some as soon as Jon can build a coop and find "the right ones" on craigslist or somewhere.