Sunday, January 6, 2013

Kombucha SCOBY

What a title! Right? 
Today I'm working on my Kombucha Scoby. My daughter gave me a starter and a recipe for Christmas. My wonderful educated and enlightened girl has decided to share her food adventures with me; her coffee and sweet tea mama. 
She told me her story of how she came to try it and how much she like it. She also told me of all the various health benefits. I was so pleased she would think of me. I was included in her adventures.
 I gave her a big 
Kiss..on the cheek.
Now the question in my mind is
What is Kombucha SCOBY?
 This is something I have never even heard of. I wondered how many other  people where like me. 
I thought it might be of interest to you too.

Kombucha tea is a fermented drink made with tea, sugar, bacteria, and yeast. The product of this combination is a vinegary, tea containing vitamin B and some other chemical compounds. From what I can gather from my search on the Internet, there isn't any real documented proof to support the various proclaimed health benefits. Some health claims are stimulation of the immune system, cancer prevention, and improvements in digestive and liver function. My daughter also suggested I not drink but one glass a day to begin because it works you sort of like a probiotic.

She gave me the Kombucha Scoby culture and some black tea leaves to get started. She told me the times she had drank it it was flavored and she really enjoyed it. Later she told me a friend that also drinks it said they didn't prefer it unless it was flavored. That made me a little unsure of the whole thing. My daughter suggested flavoring it with ginger.
I decided to pick up some flavored black tea. I chose Celestial Tea with exotic India spices. I followed the instruction and got my concoction started. It is a seven day process so now the wait is on.

Here are a few links for more information.

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  1. I just saw a Kombucha SCOBY blog the other day! I had no idea what it was and had to google it in addition to the blog post. I am intrigued, but the mother looked so gross, I was afraid to try it. LOL So, I am now dying to see how you like it and if you do, please share some starter so I can try. Keep me posted.

    1. Although it's is a drink the process of passing the baby scoby makes me think of the Friendship Bread we we're all passing around a few years ago. I will definitely have some to share. Hannah says it is sort of a bubblie or fizzy drink and she says she had it cold. I was curious about that too. I'll be sure to do a follow-up post.

    2. I thought of the Amish Friendship Bread

  2. PLEASE do a follow up post... I've seen this around (Hollywood Celeb's like to drink it!) but I'm sorta scared to try it! I have a hard time choking down my ACV tablespoon every morning. So curious to see if you like it!!! Make it a great day... jules

    1. I will be sure to share my thoughts. I most drink coffee and sweet tea so this will be interesting.

  3. So good to see you doing kombucha! Great stuff!
    I make mine w/ green tea, and start it with sugar, then switch subsequent batches to honey (takes longer, but does work, as long as the house is warm enough). I've heard that flavored teas can inhibit the growth of the scoby. I'd be interested to know how yours works out.
    I've only seen them flavored after the brewing is done: cut 1/2 and 1/2 with fruit juice or sweetened fresh tea, or what-have-you.

    1. I am so glad to get some real trusted advice. On another note, I feel like I have caught up with a long lost friend. We were friends on another blog site but I was busy for a while and didn't log on and the whole thing had changed. It's like I've come a long way baby...I really didn't even understand much of anything about blogs. I use to get Leavesheal in my email but it must have got screwed up or something. Now..I've got you saved on the reader. I love your advice and your inspiration. I also love the pictorials.

      So glad to hear from you!!

  4. My mother in law makes this and raves about the health benefits. Interesting!!

  5. Hi Lynn,
    I love Kombucha. I buy Synergy brand, that is already made in gingerberry flavor. It really makes you feel good, gives you energy and is super healthy.

    Can't wait to see how the homemade variety turns out.

    xoxo tiffani

    1. I'm getting excited. It's starting to get a little bubbly. My daughter did say the kind she had was ginger flavored. She raved on about it.