Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Country Store~official Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver


  1. Cute guys with talent! And you have country scenes therefore I love it!

    Okay I live in a city but I'm a country girl at heart, that's why :) While saying that I was glancing at the From the Farm button on your sidebar wondering when can I ever join the hop. Maybe one day when I retire....


    1. Oh Hazel...you are surely a country girl at heart! Some people don't get bluegrass at all and for those folks I really don't get them. Doyle Lawson and quicksilver are legends and this is not nearly the best they but I thought the video was excellent. As far as the Farm Hop I pretty sure it's a Friday thing but it's usually open to link in for a day or two. I'm not a farmer but anything that is family friendly and sorta close to nature is welcomed. Even if I don't have a legit post to enter, I like to see what all of them are doing.

      Thanks for so much for the visit. I hope your week is wonderful!