Friday, July 12, 2013

Let Go of that Eggo

 I was strolling through the grocery store a few weeks ago and decided to pick up some frozen waffles for the kids. I thought it would give them something different and something easy on all of us on those morning I'm coming off work.

The kids have ate them without complaint but after getting some out of the freezer for Jack, I thought to myself ," how gross?" They are basically like eating a piece of cardboard. I'm assuming that cardboard can easily be eaten if it's covered in butter and syrup. I thought I had eaten them before, too. I didn't remember them quite the same but regardless of all that I purchased them again.
I felt very guilty. 
I knew I should do better than this. 
If  Kellogg's can freeze their waffles, why can't I?
Well, I can and I did.
I pulled out my waffle maker.
Gathered my ingredients
If you have a tried and true waffle recipe by all means use it.
I on the other hand am not a typical cook.
I'm an eye-baller and an improviser.
I put a good bit of self-rising flour in a mixing bowl, maybe 2 cup maybe a little more.
Add about a teaspoon of salt and some sugar. 
You could leave those out if you don't want them or have it on hand.
I measure the salt in the palm of my hand and throw it in. 
The sugar I just sprinkle along the top of my flour; it's really more to help it brown nicely.
Take a whisk and stir it up.
I then add the egg, oil(about a 1/4 cup), teaspoon of vanilla( usually your cap is a teaspoon)
and add your milk or some real big tablespoons of sour cream. 
I used the sour cream because I forgot we were out of milk....
Whisk again.
It will be really thick. I then move to the sink and 
Add water and whisk until I get it looking about right.
*about right is when it is thin enough to pour but not too thin*
Then you..
Cook 'em
Eat 'em
Freeze 'em.

When you freeze them it will be best to put wax paper between them.
I use an old bread bag to store them in the freezer.

Do your own waffles.
Thanks for the visit.


  1. I love me some waffles!! I will have to try your recipe. such a good idea to freeze them and heat and serve during the week!

    1. LOL..I'm not sure it can be called a recipe. I don't know what took me so long to think to do it.

  2. We have never been huge waffle people. But we love some pancakes. Maybe because we had them more as a kid. You know I should do this with pancakes.

    1. You know this is the same way I make pancakes. Most the time we have pancakes just because I've been to lazy to drag the waffle maker out. Shameful isn't it.

  3. Lynn - oh my goodness, we are one from the same mold when it comes to feeling guilty about petty things such as frozen store bought waffles! I love that you fixed the situation by making your own and freezing them! I know we all would love to have the time every day to grow our own food, prepare it, preserve it, and such, but we just don't. It's always something to strive for, but I am realizing that the time involved just isn't always worth it! I'm here because you left a comment over on my site - thank you! I'm sure we will be conversing again soon! Vickie

    1. I thought we could almost be a-kin when I read your post..Thanks for stopping by. Hoping your weekend is great.

  4. I've never been big on waffles, but my family likes them.

    1. Sometimes I don't do syrup; instead I sprinkle with powdered sugar and add a fruit I have on hand. Thanks for visiting! Have a great weekend.

  5. This is something I have wanted to try. Do you heat them up in the toaster?

  6. Oh these look good! I love waffles. Thanks for sharing this with us at the HomeAcre Hop. Look forward to having you back again tomorrow:

    1. Thanks. I always enjoy the Home Acre Hop.