Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Cup Runneth Over and My Bucket, Too

I was over for a visit with my Mama yesterday and I came home with a bucket full of various trees, bulbs, and flower slips.
This is nothing new to me this is mostly how I garden. I'm not overly educated in horticulture; I tend to keep try this or that until I get a nice result or something that appeals to me.

For some folks, I know this is a highly disturbing way to garden. I do read post and look at a lot of gardening magazines and I do try and buy but usually I come right back to my usual method.

I receive more joy and knowledge walking around with Mama than I could ever gather from a book. My Mama is simply beauty at it's best. Although if I were to try and take a picture of her for this post or really any other reason she would surely be balking. With a cup of coffee in hand she can walk around and name every tree, shrub, and bloom there is and tell you the bird that belongs to the song that is floating on the breeze. 
I bet you're really wondering what in my bucket...right?
Well, there's two holly trees that I've been begging to be saved for me, two black walnut tree's( I have no idea where I can put them I already have a few scattered around),  some bulbs that a lady from Mama's church shared with her(not quite sure what they will be the lady told Mama they were very large red lilies. I'm excited they'll be like a surprise), a handful of marigold's that she pulled out of the way to pull up the Chicken and Hen that I said I need to try again( I lost my others over winter..I have got to work on better winterizing).

Yes, I found everything a home.
Might not look like much now with the grass not mowed but you just wait.
Ooo..looks like I would have cleaned them up a little better before taking that pic.

I wish to encourage you to seek out that Mother or just a good gardening friend.
The seeds they will share will be priceless. 
I have never met a gardener that didn't become overjoyed at the sharing of their own plantings.
Friends with flowers are the best friends of all!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Love it! Red lilies sound lovely. I sowed a bunch of marigold seeds that Mama gave me and I don't think any of them came up. I must do better soil preparation next time I guess. She gave me a couple of hens in the spring because I had killed mine too! LOL So I planted both of them outside in the bed. They both looked nice then about a month ago one of them shot up like it was a cactus or something and flowered at the top. I've never seen one do that before. Then then other day I saw it was dead. What in the world?!? The other hen now has a couple of chicks though. :)

  2. LOL..what is is lately with the marigolds? I have never been able to get them to do much here but down at Sandy Ridge I could have tossed them over my shoulder and had them land on a rock and they would come up. I think I planted my chick and hen outside too but I really think they were victims of digging dogs. I don't have Mama's green thumb. Which one of us does? lol..

  3. Lynn, your mama sounds like my dear friend who died several years ago. She was a "real" gardener and knew all the plant names and all about them. I miss bringing home her cuttings and bulbs, but enjoy wonderful memories.

    1. Sounds like a dear friend. Isn't it wonderful to have those memories? I have rose bushes and various other plants that where from one grandmother or the other and it makes me feel as if a little bit of them still lives on. I wish you a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Thank you for stopping by.