Thursday, August 29, 2013

Butterick 4025~Wrap-and-Go Skirt

How many gals out there remember this skirt?
Yes... the old Wrap Around Skirt.
I had one and it was a popular skirt back in the day. Probably because of it's basic simplicity. A few months back this skirt pattern crossed my mind and I thought I wanted one. My mama had lost her pattern along the way and I'd looked in various on-line shops thinking I would come across it but I didn't.
What I did find was the pattern. 
Yeah..for our side!!
So in about 3 hours, I had the coffee pot on, machine out and I was cutting my pattern out. 

I remember my skirt as a girl being made of a heavier cotton or denim type material but I thought to go with a more light and floral material would have a better look at least for a summer skirt. I am also a short person 5' 1" so even the shorter length version of this was going to be quite long.
So, I shortened the length to hit me just above the knee.
(being short is a great reason to take up sewing)
The most involved part of this sewing pattern is one button hole. 
This is just to run your belt through. There's not even a button required.

I was done.
My daughter give a hard look at first .
 I had to reassure her it wouldn't look like an apron after it was wrapped and on.
For me, not even a worry over my waistline; 
totally adjustable...

I would have thought to show a tutorial but when sewing with a Butterick or Simplicity pattern the instruction are extremely clear. 

And as always
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what I've been up to.
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  1. I used to sew clothes all the time but have not in YEARS. I didn't know that Butterick was still around. Such fond memories came back as I read your post. Thanks for visiting me today so I could visit you back :)
    Happy Friday!

    1. You know I am not sure Butterick is still in business. I bought this pattern through an Etsy shop. Sometimes I'm not up on things. I'm glad you stopped by.
      Have a great Labor Day weekend!